Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! :0)

Well I’ve had a fabulous weekend!  It began on my day off - Good Friday morning with a 10 mile run through my town. 

Friday night, we decided to go to the Friday Night  Movies Under the Stars at a local park – last week’s was cancelled because the wind was awful.  They only do this for the month of April and again for a month in the Fall – since it’s usually SO hot here in the Summer!


Friday night’s showing?


Monster’s Inc!  Jason’s favorite!! :0)


We met up with a few friends and had a really good time!!

Saturday morning, I went Bridesmaid dress shopping with a friend of mine!  I’m her Matron of Honor and her sister is her Maid of Honor.  She also has 2 Bridesmaids! :0)


I used to drive these two around EVERYWHERE!  The one on my right is the Bride and the one on my left is her sister!  It’s hard to believe they are all grown up and now one is getting married!  My how time does fly! :0)

We had a blast on Saturday! 


Just like old times! :0)


This morning, my husband and I got all dressed up for church!  We usually get all dressed up, but Easter Sunday is an extra special occasion! :0)


I even bought a new outfit on Thursday complete with matching purse! :0)


After Church, we went to Jason’s grandparents house for Easter lunch!  The Easter bunny even dyed the deviled eggs! Hah!


We went over to my parents house after lunch because my mom text me “Let me know when you want the Easter Bunny to lay some Easter candy at your house.  He threw some baskets of chocolate and other stuff down our chimney while we were sleeping!” 

My oh my…my mother!  Gotta love her!! :0) 

(I also think it’s hilarious that “The Easter Bunny” used my Easter basket from when I was a kid – no joke, I think the basket has 1987 written in pencil underneath it!  Hahahah!)

Hope everyone’s had a fabulous Easter! 

HE is risen!! :0)


  1. That's so cute that the Easter Bunny still uses your old basket. Happy Easter!

  2. I love your new cute!

  3. Movies outside, how fun! My town does them, but never shows anything worth watching, it seems.

  4. How cute. I loved your outfit. So glad you had a nice Easter...

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Love the outfit. And that the Easter bunny came!

  6. great pictures! my mom always used to use our old easter baskets too! but this year we each just got candy bags lol!

  7. Oh, I'm so craving deviled eggs! I wish I had made some this weekend. Maybe I'll do some later in the week.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit! Where did you get it?

    The died deviled eggs are super cute too, love them. :)

  9. I love your outfit! that shirt is so pretty! I've been doing lots of wedding stuff over here as well, my wedding is 1 month from tomorrow! I didn't know you have a blog but i've seen you on ROTE and I recognized you from Heather's blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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