Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap Part 2: Exploring Dallas!

See Recap Part 1:  The Expo if you missed it! :0)

After the Expo, we dropped all of our goodies off at my Aunt’s house and continued our Dallas adventures!


My Aunt and Uncle live in Valley Ranch – just a mile or so from the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and practice field!  My cousins used to live right behind the Dallas Cowboys practice field so they could sit outside in their backyard and watch them practice!  Fun fun!


A side view of the practice field…


We have arrived!


Can’t miss that Texas star!


We didn’t get out, we just drove by and took pictures! :0)


There’s a HILARIOUS Hurricane Rita evacuation story behind Taco Bueno in Dallas….maybe I’ll share it one day!

Continuing our journey, we drove to Sam Moon and then the Grapevine Mills Mall!


I had a Sonic grilled chicken wrap for lunch!


I found the Disney Outlet!  YAY!! 


DCC Merchandise!  I wouldn’t know it until the following day, but  I was about to meet the girl on the pennant to the left - Kelsie!


There’s a funny inside joke about Sam Moon between my Uncle, my mom, and I.  (I guess it will no longer be an inside joke cause I’m about to tell it to you!) :0)  The first time I ever visited Sam Moon, my Uncle made a huge joke of the store and told me that the only thing that comes out of Sam Moon is junk (and tiaras). 


I actually visited this time around because I needed three tiaras for something at church….so when I arrived back at his house, I was wearing one on my head!  Hahah!  I stuck it on his head and that’s where this picture came from! :0)  Now you know our inside joke about Sam Moon! :0)


My Aunt cooked Spaghetti for us for dinner!  It was delicious!  After we finished eating, I gave my cousins the gifts we bought them!


Gotta represent!  Who Dat!!! :0)  The girl on the right is actually a huge Saints fan so it worked out!


Me with my Cousins!

After they left, we visited for a little while with my Aunt and Uncle, then we went to sleep…we had an early morning the following day with a race coming up!! :0)

Stay tuned for Part 3! :0)

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  1. yay disney outlet! did you buy anything? looks like a fun day!


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