Friday, April 29, 2011


Even though I’m far from being Royal, all the talk of this Royal Wedding has me  remembering the days leading up to my wedding and my actual wedding day! :0)

No, I’m not overly obsessed with the Royal Wedding (buying magazines, following blogs, etc), but I HAVE been up since 4 a.m. watching all the festivities and I did shed tears as Kate arrived at the Abbey!  What an amazing moment!  I also think it’s cool that this wedding is a WORLDWIDE event!  MILLIONS of people are watching!!! 

Last night, we ate dinner with friends and on our way home, I thought “I’m going to write a blog about my wedding day while watching the Royal Wedding in the morning!” and I see that a few of my friends had the same idea! 

We were married on April 7, 2007.  I had a blast and truly felt like a “Princess”!  I wanted a “Fairy Tale” wedding at home and I got just that! 

Here’s a few of my bridal portraits! 

untitled untitled1 untitled3 untitled4

My photographer kept making me laugh!  She was awesome!!! :0)

Our wedding day was supposed to be a beautiful spring day in April….guess what we got instead?  The last cold front of the year complete with SLEET!  In Southwest Louisiana!!! 

Oh well…everything about the day was still beautiful despite the weather! :0)

w1 w2

We were both incredibly nervous before the ceremony!


Here comes the Bride!  I walked down the aisle to “Trumpet Voluntary”. My husband is a musician and he plays the trumpet so I thought it was only fitting! :0) 


I love that my photographer caught this look on Jason’s face! This is right after he saw me for the first time! :0)  Awww…


Vow time!


I now pronounce you….


I love(d) my Bridesmaids!  We all had a blast and they were a ton of fun to be around!!! :0)


Wedding party!


One of my favorite shots!


Limo ride to the reception…


Fairy tale = Disney in my opinion!  Hehe!


First dance!


A few other favorites of mine…..


What a day!  Seriously this was the best day of my life followed closely by the day I ran the Disney World Marathon! :0)  I’m a runner at heart what can I say?!  Haha!

I had  a great run yesterday with a friend!  We again ran 4 miles at the lake - only yesterday, the weather was GORGEOUS and cool and clear!!! Wish we had more days like that!  I’m praying for weather like yesterday’s for May 7 when I run my final race of the 5k/10k season – it’s a 5 mile race that I’ve run the past few years!  Can’t wait!!! :0)

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Karen your dress is gorgeous. :)

  2. Awww your wedding day was beautiful! I am so glad I was there to help (run across the parking lot for Amy) and see you so happy!

  3. YAY Karen I am so happy you did a blog about your wedding. I love your photos. You had such a beautiful wedding...My favorite is you and Jason kissing under your veil. So romantic.

  4. Your dress was so pretty! I was wondering more about the bridesmaid's dress. They look really cool. Could you explain more on what the details of them were?

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! Love the colors!!

  6. love looking at your pictures! so fun!

  7. You can send an email her to connect and get your $25 gift certificate! Maybe a fun frame for a race or wedding day memories!
    (318) 278-5110

  8. aww, such lovely pictures! I especially like the one of you sitting and laughing...adorable! Now you & Princess Kate will almost have the same anniversary! LOL


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