Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Series of Unhappy Events


Yesterday, I met up with a few friends and ran a VERY hot, humid, and WINDY 4 miles!  The weather was gloomy all afternoon as if it was going to rain. 

The rain didn’t hit until early early this morning, though.  It stared with a vengeance (so I’m told) and went out with a BANG (no electricity).  I was OUT (sleeping) and didn’t hear a thing!  There were reports of hail, tornados, wind gusts up to 56 mph, and of course lots of rain, thunder, and lightning.  Funny thing – I didn’t wake up until 5:45 a.m. when the power clicked off.  Hah! 

A few years ago, I stayed home during Hurricane Ike and we never lost power – so I’m really amazed that we lost it today!


The wind blew the cover off of our table/chairs and threw our chairs in all different directions across our deck! 


It was crazy!


Here’s a few pictures of damage in our area.  I am glad that we don’t have many trees around my house!


Because the power was out before I even woke up, I felt as if everything was messed up this morning – and that continued throughout the day!  I guess it’s because I wasn’t able to follow my normal routine this morning and it totally threw me off!  Here’s a basic synopsis of my day

-No electricity…ok….Flashlights?  Hmm…do I even own a flashlight? What about a taper candle?  Nope, none of those either.  Oh well. I’m glad I downloaded a flashlight app on my iPhone4!  Guess that will have to do. 

-Ok what am I going to do with my hair?!  It’s bad.  Really bad.  Guess I’ll have to use this iPhone4 flashlight to put on my makeup and put my hair up?!  This can’t be good.

-I NEED Coffee – oh yeah, I can’t make any. Ugh.

-Gonna catch up on Dancing With the Stars from last night.  Dangit. Can’t do that either.

-Grab breakfast and go so I can flat iron my hair at work….

-Oh wait. I can’t open my garage door cause it also runs on electricity.  Wow.  This stinks.

(After trying for a while to figure out how to open the garage door, I realized that all I had to do was pull on the red string and push the door up myself.  My oh my. I was also very sad cause I had to leave my puppies in the DARK! :0(  Poor babies!!)

-Wow….this is strange driving to work with NO lights on ANYWHERE – including stop lights!  Dangerous!

-Yay I arrived at work 20 minutes early to flat iron my hair….wait?  What do you mean a patient is waiting on me?!  No…this can’t be!

(Finally flat ironed my hair but not until my lunch break.  Yes, I looked like a frizz ball all morning.  Not. Pretty.)

-I’m hungry.  Why is it only 9 a.m.?!  I wonder if missing my coffee this morning threw me off.  Yep, probably so. 

(FYI – I claimed today official Bad Hair Day and Fat Day!  Fat Day cause I ate too much before lunch! Hah!)

- Whew.  Glad this day is finally over – it’s been one thing after another!  I’m excited to meet my running group friends for a 4 mile run.  Oh.My.Gosh. I have NO sports bra?!?!  HOW did I do that?!?!  Seriously!?  This is definitely a FIRST for me! Oh well, guess I’ll run anyway!  Sorry people! Hah!


Even though I forgot that essential girl running item (hehe), I still had a great run with my awesome Marathon friends!  Today, we made plans to run the Mandeville Half in October as well as the Houston Full Marathon in January!  YAY!


It was even hotter today outside than it was yesterday!  We ran the same 4 mile route as yesterday….it was very  hot, humid, and windy but we did it!  It was tough but we made it the whole way!

Waiting for me in my mailbox today was this:


Thanks, Luna!!! :0)  I can’t wait to try it!


  1. I think we have the same patio chairs!!!

    i would probalby freak out about the garage door! I wouldnt have known how to open it without electricity!

  2. It has been a very long day for you! Wow! haha That's awesome about running the Mandeville Half and the Houston Full. I thought about running the Houston half, but it is really hard to get into!

  3. crazy weather...we got some rain and a little wind but I think it had died downby time it got to us b/c ours wasn't as bad as yours!

  4. i have some happy news for you....you are my Peek A Bootique winner!

  5. Despite some unhappy events, this post made me chuckle! I do the same thing when the power goes out! Good to hear there wasn't a lot of damage to your home.

  6. Yikes! Glad you guys didn't have any damage though! Hopefully all of this crazy weather goes away soon. :(

  7. glad you didn't have any serious damage!! I think we all need a dose of nice weather!!

  8. We are having some crazy weather here tonight. There are tornadoes all over the area. I am glad that you are safe and didn't have any damage!


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