Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jillian…Ouch Part 2!

Four words:



I bought this video the day it came out because I love Jillian and her workouts. I was especially excited when I found out this one came with a meal plan to follow!  Woohoo!

I haven’t been following it every day letter by letter (especially on the weekends) and so for that reason, I’m only on day 16 when I should be closer to day 30 but that’s ok. I almost don’t want it to end and I guess I’ll start it over when it does! :0) 

Ripped in 30 is perfect for me because she starts out at a fairly “easy” level, and gradually works up to level four (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4).  I’m on level three right now, and during the workout, I can’t help but think “This gets WORSE?!”  Haha!

I’ve also used Jillian's “No More Trouble Zones



“Last Chance Workout” (see Jillian…Ouch – Part 1)!! :0)


To be honest, I like the “No More Trouble Zones” workout, but the “Last Chance Workout” wasn’t for me.  What I really really really love about Ripped in 30 is each workout only lasts 30 minutes.  The “No More Trouble Zones” workout lasts almost an hour (even though it’s a really good workout!).  I don’t always have an hour to dedicate to a video (and  I get bored with it fast!), especially in the  mornings - 30 minute workouts work best for me!  Jillian likes a lot of squats and lunges. I’m not so good at them but I CAN do them to a degree – I just can’t get as low as some people!  It’s because my knees HURT when I do them.  Always have…not sure why.  Even watching a person get into a low squat or lunge makes my knees ache! HAH!

Do you have a favorite trainer or workout series that you like to do?


  1. The only video's I've been able to sit through are my yoga ones. I have some sort of ADD problem. But, I love Jillian! If I were rich she would be my personal trainer!

  2. I have only done one of Jillian's videos (can't remember the name...). The thing I liked best about it ws it was broken up in 3 or 4 minute segments so you weren't doing the same thing for too long.

  3. if you dont like lunges and squats dont buy 6 weeks to 6 pack HA! I figured out thats why my knee/IT band has flared up again, sssoooo many lunges!
    I have done the 30 day shred but not the ripped in thirty. sounds interesting! I have never been good with meal plans though b/c I am so picky!

  4. Following a work out series never seems to work for me. I find it easier to just hit each muscle group and then move on.
    Yeah I know not very scientific but what can you do... lol

  5. I like the beach body products ... so far i've used P90X, Insanity and now i'm loving the Turbo Fire program! Some videos are long but well worth it

  6. NMTZ kicks my butt! The Jackie Warner DVDs are very good but very tough. I have to drop my weights during her Xpress workout.

  7. I am working on one of her videos right now and it is tough! I looked at the meal plan online that you showed me and she has some good meals on there. I am going to try a few of them!


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