Sunday, May 8, 2011

2011 Contraband Days 5 Miler!

This past Saturday, I ran the Contraband Days 5 Miler race.  I’ve run this race the past three years. 

2009 – 54:55 (goal - under an hour)
2010 – 48:08 (goal - under 50 minutes)
2011 – goal - I want a dang pirate trophy!

A few friends of mine and I decided to dress up for this race.  You see, every year, a 2 week long festival is held in SWLA called “Contraband Days”.  It celebrates the days of Jean Lafitte who supposedly buried treasure somewhere along our lake.  Usually, a few pirates run this race – so instead of dressing up as pirates, we decided to go for Super heroes! :0)  Make sense?  Pirates…Super Heroes….no it didn’t make sense to us either.  We went with it anyway.


I found a few logos, ironed them onto our shirts, and voila…super heroes.  Ok ok maybe it’s not that easy to be a super hero but it sure was fun pretending!

Contraband 2011 027 
Mrs. Incredible (you know I had to throw Disney in there somewhere!), Super Woman, and Wonder Woman!


We took a few serious pictures….


…then we decided to take some funny ones!


I wish I could honestly tell you that I have ripped arms.  Sadly, I do not. I think it’s the way the sun was shining on them! Hah!


Here’s the pirates that started off our race!  They didn’t run – but they sure scared me half to death!  At the start of the race, they fired a bunch of pop guns – it definitely made me jump!

Contraband 2011 038

My awesome running group!! :0) After our group picture, we had a prayer, then coach gave us the whole “Run as hard as you can and puke your guts out at the finish line” spill….Haha!  She was joking, of course….

Contraband 2011 042

Waiting for the race to begin….


Off we go!

We ran this race hard.  I wanted to PR and I knew I could do it.  Thankfully, all three of us are the same pace which definitely helps!  We were able to push through the tough spots together.  A lot of the time, we were running an 8:30 pace – we tried to keep it right at 9:00 which is really good for us!  The weather was nice too which helped a LOT!

Contraband 2011 124 

Here we come!  We kicked up the speed at the curb (where the white SUV is in the picture below)…


We SPRINTED our hearts out across the finish line.  When we finished, I definitely felt like puking.  My coach was proud! :0)


Our official finish time was 46:15 – a PR for all of us!!!!  Average pace - 9:15!  Not too shabby!


Relaxing after the race!


Enjoying some pizza after the race.

Contraband 2011 206         

The Super  Heroes with our coach!


Me with my time!  I was so excited!  Unfortunately, I placed 5th in my age division.  I was a little upset that I didn’t place but I didn’t let it get me down – I PR’d and that’s all that matters!  There’s always next year! :0)  I cheered up greatly after the awards ceremony when I realized that they weren’t even handing out Pirate Trophies this year!  Instead, they gave out $$ discounts to our local running store.  Still nice, but not a Pirate trophy!

After the race, I ran home (I actually drove home…), showered, and changed super fast.  Then I met up with my mom/mother in law/grandmother in law for a Mother/Daughter tea luncheon sponsored by my church!  We had a fabulous time!


After I brought my mom home, I stopped for a stuffed snow cone!  A slice of pizza AND a stuffed snow cone all in the same day….I felt very guilty!  Oh well – I worked hard for it! :0)

Thanks for all the encouragement in the last post! I think my favorite comment was by Tasha at Never Slow Down!  Her comment was so funny, it deserves a re-posting!

“Good luck on your run! I hope you get a pirate! Just say "Arrrgggggghhhh" to yourself just like a pirate while you're running and you'll be super speedy!”

Tasha, I thought about your comment quite a few times while running and I even said Arrrrggggghhh to myself a few times!  Hahaha!!!!  Thanks for the support! 

I also reminded myself a few times of something Jillian Michaels says on her Ripped in 30 DVD….. “You can do ANYTHING for _____ amount of time.”  She’s so right.  At the end of the race, when it was time to pick up the speed, I kept thinking – the finish line is right there – just a minute more!  I can do ANYTHING for a minute!

So, thank you Tasha and thank you Jillian!!! :0)

Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day weekend!!!


  1. Great job! I love Jillian; she always pops in my head too!

  2. Great recap! It looks like you had a great time at this race! I am going to try to find a run somewhere close whenever I move! I am getting the itch to start running again!

  3. way to go! love the outfits! I wish i lived in ONE PLACE for years so I could run the same races every year ha! maybe now that we are settled we can start doing that.
    I say that ALL the time, but usually in distance, like if I have half a mile left, I say "you can do this for a half mile, that is NOTHING, less than 5 minutes, etc. etc."

  4. Congratulations!! You three look awesome in that picture running all together!You look like a real superhero team running to an emergency!

  5. cute shirts! congrats on the PR!

  6. Awesome outfits and huge P.R. CONGRATS!!

  7. what a fun idea with the shirts! i love having a great race outfit..totally helps to PR :)

  8. Congrats on the PR!! Get that pirate trophy next year! :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by! I wish you had gotten your pirate trophy! The race I placed in gives hats and I have wanted one every year. I finally have one : )

  10. That race looks awesome! Congrats on the PR!

  11. I love your race outfits!!! So cute!

  12. RE: your comment on my blog: I hadn't noticed that you were from South Louisiana when I followed you! The snowball totally gives it away, though, now!

  13. I didn't realize that I wouldn't be there either until just the other day. You can still come help if you want too. I have already made a few trips down there, but not many. You will have to come see it if you do not come this Sat. once we have it all set up! I love it! I thought the prayer retreat was a the following weekend.

  14. Cute photo's and great time!!

  15. Great race report. Awesome race! Congrats on the PR. And pizza and a snow cone sound perfect.


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