Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I just realized that the previous post (Inferior) was my 200th post!  Yay!! :0)

This weekend has been filled with so many fun and exciting things!  I love love love long weekends!!


On Friday night, we drove to Texas to hang out with my brother and sister in law.  We ate dinner at Carrabba’s and even got free dessert!  I had 12 miles on the plan for the following day so I decided to carb load!  :0)


After eating, we made our way to a FunZone area with all kinds of exciting things to do!  I saw Batting Cages and I was sold!  :0)


My brother and I in the cages.  I have played slow pitch in the recent years for adult league and it totally threw off my timing.
:0(  I was rather upset with myself!  A friend that runs with me in my running group agreed to go to the batting cages here in town a couple times a month to cross train (she played College Softball for our local college – she’ll probably kick my butt!)!  Hah!


We also hopped on the GoKarts and we played Phazerzone where we were given air pumped “paintball” guns to shoot at each other – the balls weren’t as hard as paint balls and didn’t burst.  It was a lot of fun!!!!


We look tough!  Haha! 


The following morning came early – I met my friends at 6 a.m. to begin our run!  We ran down my favorite route and were able to enjoy another gorgeous sunrise! :0)

photo2-1 photo7-1

Despite the cool in the air, it was HOT. HOT.  It was very humid and we were pushing our pace.  We tried to keep a 9:15 the whole time.  I was tired from the late night I had and I didn’t handle the run so well.  This heat is a killer.  Ugh.


We ran through practically every water sprinkler we saw!!!!!


We ended our run at the giant water fountain!!!  Yes, we I ran through the fountain like a bunch of screaming children!


So much fun and totally refreshing after our run!!


That’s me to the right – I ran through the giant spurt in the middle and got soaked!!!


Us with our wet feet! :0)

After the run, I came home, ate breakfast, showered, then took a nap! I needed it!!!

My dad and my husband were here working on installing flood lights on the corners of our house so I left and brought back lunch from Subway.  We also watched a lot of the ESPN Women’s College Softball Regional's games. 

After recuperating a while, I cleaned the house and bathed the dogs!  Jason’s family is coming over on Monday night so I had to get things in order!

So far, it’s been a fabulous weekend and I still have two days to go!  Yay!


  1. congrats on the 200th post!! Looks like a fun weekend!

  2. I had a great time spending time with ya'll this weekend! Thanks for coming to hang out! I want to run through those sprinklers! Is it anywhere close to where the 4 on the 4th of July race will be, because I will run to them after that race if it is. haha

  3. sprinklers look like so much fun!! love the sunrise!

  4. The sprinklers look amazing! I totally could have used some on my run this AM! Ha!


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