Friday, May 6, 2011

Next race TOMORROW!

Saturday, I am running a 5 mile race in town!  I’ve run this race the past two years (ever since I’ve been running) …. I’m excited but really nervous at the same time!

It’s funny to see how goals change over time.  The first year I ran this (2009), my goal was to finish in under an hour. Keep in mind 2009 is when I started running again  - I began in January and this race was in May.  My time was 54 minutes and I was super excited I made it!!!  This was also the race that gave me my very first blister (I’ve only had one other ever since!)!

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Fast forward to 2010….my new improved goal?  Beat 50 minutes!  Whew.  That was hard and I remember it being SO HOT that morning!!!  Yuck!  However, I was able to reach my goal!  I ran this race in 48 minutes! 

Race report here: Contraband Days 5 Miler 2010


In honor of this race’s 35th Anniversary, the host running company compiled a list of previous race winners and posted it on their website!  This is what I found:

Fastest guy ever: 23:44 in 1997
Fastest girl ever: 28:36 in 1984

Holy Moly!!!!!  23 minutes?!?!?!  That’s like a 4.something minute mile! 

Anyway, all of that sparked my interest and I discovered that in 2010, the first and second place girls in my age group ran it in 37 minutes – third place in 42 minutes. 


I do kind of want a little pirate trophy!  However, I know that I will not run this race in 37 minutes….MAYBE early 40’s but definitely nothing below 40.  I know that I probably won’t get a cute little pirate trophy to display on my shelf, so I’m not setting my sights too high.  My goal is to run this race hard and see how much/if my time has improved.  They are expecting 300-400 people for the race this year!  This is definitely one of the bigger races in the area!

I’m super excited but I’ve been nervous all week. I’m still praying that this awesome weather holds on until tomorrow!  Race start time is 8 a.m.

Happy Friday!!! :0)


  1. Good luck! And have fun tomorrow!

  2. Wishing you fast feet tomorrow and beautiful weather! Good luck and have fun!

  3. Have a GREAT race tomorrow. I'm currently running 5 miles in 58 minutes. Pathetic, I know...but that's where I'm at! Have fun!

  4. Good luck tomorrow! I love doing a few local races every year to see how my time compares. That pirate trophy is pretty cool and would look great next to those Disney medals :)

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you have a speedy and enjoyable race!

  6. Good luck on your run! I hope you get a pirate! Just say "Arrrgggggghhhh" to yourself just like a pirate while you're running and you'll be super speedy!

  7. Good luck, Karen! Have a great race!

  8. Good luck!! Our Garmins are twins!! I love my green color.

  9. You did awesome! So proud of you!


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