Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunrise-Expo-Party! :0)

Aaah I can’t believe it’s already Sunday!  This weekend has FLOWN by so fast….thank goodness we have an three day weekend next week!  I have Monday off for Memorial Day!! :0)

So Saturday, our running group was meeting at 6 a.m. for an 8 mile run. I was super excited about the route because I knew if we hit the lake at the right time, we could watch the sunrise!

We definitely were not disappointed!!!


Isn’t it just gorgeous?!  This is why I love waking up early for runs.  It always seems so much more exhilarating in the morning! 


We were a little goofy by this point (lack of sleep and running hard for 6 miles…) – so when we saw this bird cross the road, we chased it down for a picture!  We are so silly!


I do love this picture, though.  It’s almost as if the bird was enjoying the sunrise, too! :0)


Us after the run.  We kept a VERY steady pace the entire time – between a 9:15 / 9:30 pace – which is good for us!!


After the run, we walked over to our civic center to check out our area’s first ever Health and Fitness Expo!!  The expo was held indoors on our Indoor Football team’s field.  They hosted a 5K and the finish line was right in the middle of the field which I thought was pretty cool!


They had various booths set up – nothing too fancy.  Most of the booths belonged to the workout centers in the area (I didn’t realize we had SO much!)  We even have TRX!!!  How crazy!  I had no clue! 

A few of the tables focused more on the “whole” nutrition side which I loved, of course. 


The lady at this table had a plate of McDonalds food.  The french fries and the hamburger were FOUR YEARS OLD.  No molding, no rotting – everything was just really hard.  It’s crazy that fast food places put THAT much preservatives in their food, we put this in our body, and it’s OK?!  Something’s wrong with that picture!!!

Moving on to the next event!  Haha!

Saturday night was our end of the year GoRun party!!  We have 2 seasons in our running group – 1st is 5K/10K training starting in January – May; 2nd is Half/Full Marathon training from July – until.  This (obviously) was our end of the year party for 5K/10K!


Amanda and I having a good ol time! :0)  We are so silly  - we cut up most of the time!!


Isn’t this Live Oak gorgeous?!  This is one thing I love about the south!!! 



Fun ending to a fabulous day!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend as well!!! :0)


  1. Eww that McDonalds hamburger and fries is gross! I love that you guys chased down the bird to get a picture of it. Beautiful sunrise pictures. Looks like a great weekend.

  2. looks like you had a beautiful sunrise run and a fun weekend overall. :-)

  3. I have seen posts about the McDonalds stuff before, how GROSS!!! I think its so cool yall have such an active runnng group. Sad we don't have anything like that here. Looks like a good time!

  4. That is soooooo gross!!!! I cannot believe I used to eat that stuff!
    Looks like you had an awesome time. I am only a little bit jealous ;D

  5. The photos of the sunset are beautiful. :) That hamburger is disgusting - I can't believe that after 4 years it still hasn't gone mouldy!!!

  6. Wow! I cannot believe that hamburger and french fries are 4 years old!!! That's a bad way. Yuck! :)

  7. That is so gross about the hamburger! Yuck!!!!


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