Monday, May 16, 2011

Relay for Life

Each year, The American Cancer Society hosts Relay for Life events all over the country - ours just so happened to occur on Friday night! :0)


I love their theme – Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.


Our team!! :0)


It was a GORGEOUS night for Relay!  We worried about rain but as the day went on, the skies cleared up and gave us a beautiful night!


I thought it was rather silly that they had to post these signs all over the place. Hello people.


Our Mayor opening up the ceremonies.


Survivor Lap!!!  We joined in for the Caregiver 2nd lap.


This absolutely and completely broke my heart.  Poor baby.


The theme this year was “Night at the Movies”.  This group used the UP theme!  TOO cute! :0)


I love this, too!


The “Mr. Relay” contest.  After being introduced on stage, the guys had to walk around the grounds with a “murse” and ask for donations.  The “Mr.” with the most money in his “murse” by the end of the night won the title of “Mr. Relay 2011”.  It was rather funny!


Yet another thing that I loved!!


My parents!


Hehehe….I was given FIRE to play with!  I was asked to help light  the Tiki Torches and the Luminary bags. Yikes.



My Grandfather’s Luminary. It looks bad, I know…I only had 5 minutes to make it so I was in a rush!


SO many Luminarys….


Lining the entire circle track….

As always, the luminary ceremony was a tear jerker.  I love what I do, but honoring those who have lost their fight is hard. 


After the ceremony (where I usually shed a few tears), I had a cake ball to cheer myself up! :0)


Festivities continued ALL night long until 6 a.m. I left around 11 p.m. because I had to be back in the same area for a run with my friends at 6 a.m. the following morning!  Crazy!


Anyway, I stayed to see my boss in the Dunking Booth.  You could either pay $2 to push the button, or $1 for 2 balls.  Sherry (above) decided to push the button!  It was funny!  I paid $1 but I missed both times. I can throw really hard I just don’t have good aim – at all.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Back to the real world today!!  :0)


  1. fun! I love relay for life. we used to go with my mom when I was in HS but haven't been in years. glad you had a good time! and oh no on the fire haha!

  2. Good for you getting involved with Relay for Life! I did it all throughout my undergraduate... my senior year my team got the most spirited award! We always tried to have a lot of energy even though of course it's really sad as well, I was always crying in the luminary ceremony.

    I think the luminary you did for your grandfather looks great!


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