Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just “Owling around” & other random thoughts

Hi there!  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far!

Here’s a little mini-recap of my week. 

If you missed my last blog post, my Great Uncle passed away last Friday and my dad and I travelled to Metairie, Louisiana for his funeral on Tuesday.  After the funeral, we couldn’t figure out what to eat, so we decided to drive to Baton Rouge for a stop at Whole Foods! 


Seriously, I wish they would build one closer to where I live!  Well, never mind I take that back – if we had a Whole Foods and a Banana Republic, I’d be one broke chick!  Hehe!


We decided to eat first since it was almost 3 p.m. and we were starving!


I opted for Avocado Sushi rolls, fruit, and the stuff in the bottom left corner is Sweet Potato and Cous Cous!  VERY GOOD stuff!!!  After we ate, we shopped around for a little while and I was very glad to see that a lot of the things Whole Foods carries, I can get at a little local Health Food store in my town!  Yay!


Probably the thing that impressed me the most was this machine right here.  SO AMAZING!  It presses and squeezes the almonds and makes FRESH ALMOND BUTTER right there in the store!!!!!  How cool is that?!?!


After lunch, my dad wanted something from Starbucks, so I decided to walk around and see if I could find some Fro-Yo!  I was very successful….Yogurtland!  They had this Fro-Yo called Almond Caramel dream….oh my gosh probably the best I’ve had yet!  YUMMO!!!!!  (The pink stuff was something else I wanted to taste – it was too tart for me!)


If you’ve noticed, I quit posting all of my foods/etc that I’ve eaten.  I’ve slacked up a little on myself – I met my main 1st goal and I’m happy with that.  In total, I lost 6 pounds!  :0) Fun times!  Anyway, these are Veggie Quesadillas!  I had them Thursday night after our running group get together!  SO GOOD!!!!!

Moving on… FRIDAY!!!


I was SO excited for Friday to come!  My good friend Heather (also known as RunningWithSass) was travelling all week to support her Running Skirt sales and she scheduled a stop for Lafayette!  I met up with her for lunch at our favorite place…McAlisters!  It was so nice visiting and chatting with her and her mom!  We had a great lunch!  (Our visit was too short, though…we need to plan another weekend thing!!!)

After driving back home, Jason and I hit up the movie theater for Captain America!  LOVED it! Such a good movie!  Tip: If you go, stay around for the end of the credits!  You won’t be disappointed!

Also, I know that Disney now owns Marvel, but I find it amusing that their composers Alan Menken (Beauty&TheBeast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Tangled, etc) and Richard Sherman (Feed the Birds, Small World theme song, etc.) composed music for both Captain America and Iron Man 2!!  I’d say they are pretty darn talented and very well rounded musicians! :0)

Onto this morning!

We met up for our 8 mile training run! 


We ran by a different part of the lake today (different route) and got to enjoy another gorgeous sunrise! :0) 

Along the run, we stoped for a little fun.  I decided that if I tried “planking” on the ground, I’d probably not get back up….so we opted for “Owling”!  Anyone seen this new trend?  Hilary Duff tweeted a photo of herself “Owling”….


Apparently, it’s the “new” thing…




Anyway, we were nerds and decided to try it out!  :0)  Don’t we look so trend-ish? :0)  Sure.


This pelican was “Owling”, too!  See, everyone’s doing it!!! :0)

Anyway, back to the run….UGH it was SO HUMID this morning.  The air was SO thick it made it hard to breathe!  The Weather Channel said 94% humidity and NO breeze…just made it even worse! 

after our run.  SOAKED. 


See?  This is where I sat while I listened to coach’s seminar on pre run and post run fuel! :0) 

Feels great to be dry!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Butt sweat on the concrete! I am glad that I am not the only one! Haha!

    I enjoyed the pictures, especially the ones of the yummy looking food!

    You look so cute in your pictures! Very pretty!
    I ran 7 miles and it was a tough 7! Congrats on your 8!

    I saw the owling pictures online. I missed out on joining the planking phase. Maybe I will get an owling picture done this weekend!

    I don't remember if I told you but check out my blog post, You have been tagged!!

  2. That is too funny about the owling. I have only heard of planking!! I think the planking would be harder than the owling. haha It was super humid this morning. I am going to the treadmill in a little bit instead of outside today! I hope you have a great rest of the Sat. Enjoy your time inside. haha

  3. I love whole foods! I just had the best nitrate free organic turkey bacon from there. Nice thick cuts and only 35 calories per slice.
    And congratulations on the 6 pound loss. That's not easy to lose when you are already fit!

  4. owling....hahahahahahahahhahaha

  5. hi friend! so glad we got to see you yesterday! it was def. too short of a visit! yay McAlisters!

  6. LOL...OMG, I have never heard of owling. This is too funny! And I have to agree with you. I love Whole Foods Market; I wish I had one closer.

    Asphalt Tales

  7. Owling? Really?? lol

    Hey there! I need to follow your blog more! BTW, I love whole foods, too...last time I went, I got the almond chocolate chip butter from the machines...

  8. Hey! I'm a new reader, and I LOVE your layout!! So cute.


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