Monday, August 6, 2012

1996 Atlanta Olympic Torch

You guys all know that I’m a huge Olympics nerd, right?


At least I’m not afraid to admit it! :0)  I found this lovely little jacket at Old Navy (of all places!) and I love it! If you’re having trouble finding Team USA gear, check out Old Navy!

Since we’ve established that Me + Olympics = Huge Nerd, you’ll understand why I was so excited on Saturday at our group run!


I have a friend who also has a friend (did you catch that?) who was a torch bearer for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games! According to the Olympic Museum, there were approximately 12,467 torchbearer in USA in 1996!  The ‘96 torch passed through many places in the US on it’s way to Atlanta – it’s hard to believe that my little town was one of it’s stopping points!  Pretty nifty!


A closer up view of the torch….

IMG_7429  IMG_7431

The picture on the right has all of the Olympic games of the past listed (by year and city).


We all took turns taking pictures with it….


….and we may have had a little fun with it, too! :0)

I had so much fun being a nerd that I completely almost forgot about the run!

It was another hot one…nothing new there! We ran 10 miles and were drenched once again by the time we finished!


The geese even needed a way to get away from the heat!


I foam rolled after I finished running, then we headed for breakfast!

Lots of Sweatin Pink went on around here on Saturday! I LOVE my Mizunos and my Sweat Pink laces matched perfectly!! :0)
What’s been your favorite part of the Olympic Games so far?

I love swimming and I love track and I loved the Marathon, but when I think back over everything I’ve seen, the moments that made me smile happened when Team USA Gymnasts took Gold.


Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. My mom was one of the torch bearers for the '96 games as well. She's got her torch proudly displayed on a plaque in their house :)

  2. The torch passed through a local city of mine too!' we got to pose and take pictures with it! I need to find those pictures actually.

    1. That's really neat, Samantha! Would love to see the pictures!! :0)

  3. I remember seeing it come through Billings, I think I saw it when it came through another time too, they were handing out t shirts and I used to have one. SO fun! I would love to be a torch bearer someday. I love the Olympics! My favorite is usually gymnastics :) love the wya those girls can fly through the air.

    1. I would be SO cool to be a torch bearer!! Gymnastics athletes amaze me! I can't even do a cartwheel! LOL

  4. I had no idea there were that many people who were torch bearers. Glad you had such a great weekend!


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