Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blog Swap: The Importance of Cross Training

Welcome to my very first blog swap! When asked if I wanted to participate, of course I jumped on the band wagon! The best part? This blog swap is between several Sweat Pink Ambassadors!


My blog swap partner is Samantha from Losing Weight Gaining Life. Read on to hear her take on Cross Training! :0)


My name is Samantha and I blog over at www.loosingweightgaininglife.com. I am a wife, a new mom to Grace who is two months old, a youth pastor, and a working woman. I love the way working out makes me feel, but like anyone else, I don’t always have ample time to do all the things I would love to do. I have made working out a priority so I always try and fit something in. I have some favorites that I always go to that give me a great workout while not using a whole lot of time.


Samantha’s After/Before shos

For cardio I love trying new things. Currently I am starting a Couch to 5k Program that is helping me to learn to run. I think if I can learn to love running then that would definitely be my go to cardio routine. I also love taking boot camp classes at my local gym. It is forty five minutes filled with high intensity circuits that are guaranteed to kick your butt. I have taken one Zumba class and thought it was fun; I need to add that back in the rotation. I would love to take a water aerobics class too! Cardio is fun for me and something I look forward to weekly.

Strength training is something that empowers me. It makes me feel strong and makes the biggest difference in my body. Since training, I can see new muscles develop, feel more energy, and feel like a strong woman. It has also helped me to carry around a baby in a car seat all day long. Strength exercises are something that everyone can do at home, anytime. I put Grace in her chair and she watches me while I work out in our living room and I even bring her to personal training sessions with me. Gaining muscle is very important because muscle burns more fat for a longer period of time.
Since I attend boot camp classes, a lot of my strength training ideas come from the exercises that we do in that class. I like being able to keep it simple using body weights, dumb bells, and resistance bands. Every other day I focus on two different body parts: abs, shoulders, arms, legs, etc. A lot of my inspiration for some exercises also comes from blogs. You can Google certain workouts or go to your favorite blogs and search their workout routines or even YouTube videos to do. The internet has vast resources of all kinds of work outs we can all do.

The key to gaining muscle and loosing weight is consistency and dedication. It took however long to put on pounds and will take some time to shed those pounds and gain muscle. You can do it!! Eat clean, stay focused, and give yourself a break every once in awhile!

Let’s face it guys, strong is the new sexy.

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To check out the other great blogs participating in this swap, head over to Katie’s blog at Healthy Heddleston and check them out!! :0)

Thanks Katie for hosting this swap!

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