Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marathon Time!

The moments leading up to a Marathon are thrilling! The butterflies, the fear, the excitement….I love it!

Here we are at the 2012 London Olympic Marathon….I’ve waited for this event since watching the Olympic Trials for Team USA in Houston back in January and I’m SO excited!

I’m ready to watch Kara, Shalane, and Desi (hopefully) do their thing!!


I’ve been following Kara’s blog on Run the Edge – and the blog is from her son Colt’s point of view! It’s a super cute blog and makes me smile! :0) Check it out if you have a second!

Of course I also follow Kara, Desi, and Shalane on Twitter.

Image Source: Duluth News

Let’s GO Team USA!!

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  1. I watched part of the marathon this morning and it amazed me that these women, and anyone who runs marathons, have that much patience and stamina to complete them. It's inspiring and great to watch. SPA love xo


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