Monday, July 30, 2012

My weekend in Review….

Lots of exciting things happened this weekend!


For starters, look what came in the mail! Yay! My first set of Sweat Pink gear! I can’t wait for the rest to arrive! :0)

Friday night, I decided to hit the treadmill during the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Like my outfit?


Recognize my outfit?

This was my Halloween costume from 2011 – I entered a Running Skirts Costume Contest and I came in 3rd place!

What other time could I run in my Team USA London 2012 Olympics “costume” and not feel as if I’d lost my mind? Ok, I still felt like I lost my mind, but it was fun anyway! :0)

Back to running….


I met my running group for a lovely run down by the River! The sunrise was gorgeous as always!


Saturdays run was HUMID and by the time we reached the end, I was beyond ready to be done. I was hot, drenched, and it was hard to breathe. It’s been a while since a long run left me entirely and completely drenched, but Saturday’s run did. I had to entirely change my clothing for breakfast after our run!


Yummy breakfast!

After recuperating, I met up with my best friend Kim for pedicures and lunch!


We also celebrated my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday!)…..


…..and somewhere in there, I managed to watch the Olympics!


A couple of interesting things happened in the Olympics World today…..


The saddest part of the news being that Paula Radcliffe dropped out of the Marathon due to a foot issue. Incase you haven’t heard, Paula is the fastest Women’s Marathoner in history. A truly amazing athlete. I’ll admit, when I saw the Nike tweet, I teared up.

Actually, I’ve teared up several times this weekend. I tell you, I’m such a SAP. Yes, the disappointment and heartbreak gets me….but when it comes to watching athletes achieve goals and reach their dreams, I turn into a sappy mess. Don’t even get me started when a Team USA athlete wins the gold and the USA National Anthem plays – especially if the athlete starts to cry…oh yea…that gets me. Oh yes, and when the camera shows the athlete’s parent’s crying….yeah, that gets me too. See how my weekend has been? Hah!

Another shocking bit of news also came from the Marathon corner only this time, from Team USA. One of my running buddies sent a tweet my way saying that Desi dropped out of the Marathon due to a hip flexor issue. The minute I got home, I started digging and discovered that someone leaked a nasty little rumor about Desi…..


Which was not true at this point thank goodness! In Desi’s words…”My race, my call.” You get ‘em, girl!!


On a side note, I’m in love with Amy Hastings shoes by Brooks! Too cute!

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Did you watch the Olympics? What was your favorite part?


  1. I'm a sap for the Olympics too! I cried like crazy for Jordyn Wieber in the gymnastics last night!

  2. You had quite a weekend! We've been watching some of the Olympics but social media keeps spoiling everything for us.

  3. I've teared up a few times too! I LOVE the Olympics!! It brings back wonderful childhood and college memories! I've been watching the swimming for sure but am excited about running next week.

  4. I have only been able to watch the opening ceremonies!! Ugh I hate that I've missed it. What app did you use??
    <3 Sam

  5. ah happy birthday mom! hope she had a great one!


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