Friday, July 6, 2012

More 4th of July Fun!

If you missed my 4 miler on the 4th of July race recap, check it out here!

Happy 4th! A Day I’ll Never Forget!

After the race, Jason and I came home and prepared food for my family! They were coming over to our house to celebrate the Holiday with us!


We had all kinds of yummy food!


This was my first attempt at a watermelon bowl! It was easier than I thought, and the puppies really enjoyed eating the extra watermelon scraps! :0) I traced an outline on the outside of the watermelon with a green marker, then I carved along that line with a knife. I scooped out all of the watermelon from the inside with a melon baller, then rinsed out the inside of the bowl and dried it up a bit. I combined all of the fruit in a mixing bowl, then dumped it into the watermelon bowl! It was fun and much easier than I thought it would be! :0)


I found this recipe from my favorite vegan website Oh She Glows. This cobbler was super yummy and not too sweet which I liked!! Everyone else liked it too, so major score for this cobbler!  I added blueberries and unsweetened shredded coconut on top. Strawberries = red, blueberries = blue, coconut = white. Just trying to go along with the spirit of the Holiday! :0)


I also made a walnut, strawberry, blueberry, spinach salad! Really yummy as well!

All of the healthy food came from me. My husband is the one who made brisket, potato salad, white rolls, and baked beans. It was good, but not up my alley.


Kayla made strawberries she found on Pinterest!


Berry Green tea!


Kayla and Brian


My grandfather and I. He will turn 92 years old on Sunday!


Jason and I


My parents! :0)


Jason’s brisket and baked beans!


Yummy desserts!

After dinner, we drove down to the lake to watch the fireworks.


We all struggled with getting a signal on our cell phones – After a while, Jason’s iphone cooperated and he was able to open iHeart Radio-which means we were able to hear music synced with the fireworks! Yay! Up until that point, we listened to the Wishes Soundtrack from my cell phone! :D



We had a great day! After the fireworks, we sat around waiting on traffic to clear out and we saw quite a few interesting things. People get stupid when they are behind a wheel. Really…I have no patience for that.

Hope you enjoyed your mid-week holiday! Have a great weekend!! :0)

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