Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tofu and a Movie!

So far this week:

Monday – 2.5 mile run and 45 second #plankaday (my dogs were distracting me….)
Tuesday – 3 mile run and 1 minute #plankaday
Today – Rest day!

I woke up early on Monday and Tuesday and ran prior to going into work! I love having my workouts complete before the day begins!


Last night, I attempted to bake something I tried only once before in the past and that attempt was met with disaster.


I saw a recipe on my favorite Vegan website, Oh She Glows and I decided to have another “go” with Tofu!


I used Extra Firm Tofu this time instead of silken (learned my lesson – silken tofu is very hard to work with in my experience!)

Breaded Tofu Strips


I didn’t crumble the wheat bread enough, but they still turned out great!

I also had a left over zucchini from my friend’s garden and potatoes from Jason’s grandmother’s garden, so I made a side of Hearty Zucchini Soup from Health Magazine!


The combo?


Delicious! A new favorite in my book! Someone asked, “What is that sauce??”

It’s Ketchup.

The Tofu sticks reminded me of fish sticks from my childhood. There’s no way I could eat fish sticks now, but these tofu sticks brought  back a warm little memory and made me smile! :0) The perfect pair? Ketchup! Right….

After dinner, I took my cousins who are visiting from out of town to the movie!


We went to see Brave which was really cute but not at all what I was expecting!


….we also had FroYo after the movie!  Perfect ending to a great day!

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is halfway here!! :0)


  1. I want to try Tofu, but I am too chicken. Also, glad to hear Brave was good; I want to see it!

    1. The Tofu wasn't too bad! I really liked it cooked this way! :0) Loved Brave!


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