Friday, July 27, 2012

30 before 30 check up!

July 27th – only ONE month until I turn 30! I have no apprehensions about turning 30, I’m actually looking forward to it! My 20’s were amazing and I’m hoping that my 30’s have even more to offer!


Time to check up and see how I’m doing on my 30 before 30 list!

1.) Go out of my way to do a nice thing for a stranger
2.) Stay at a Plantation Home Bed and Breakfast
3.) Play the part of a Disney Princess
4.) See a Broadway production

5.) Step foot on Canadian soil
6.) Watch the entire series of Star Wars – all 6 movies (So far, I’ve watched Episode 1 and Episode 4.)
7.) Read an entire book series
8.) Take up a new sport (along with running)
9.) Try 10 new recipes
10.) Eat at a Top Chef Restaurant
11.) Purchase a brand new car
12.) Take an out of town trip alone
13.) Go Vegetarian for an entire week
  (I made 4 days- this is NOT for me!)
14.) Take a fitness class (yoga counts)
15.) Learn how to change a flat tire (hopefully not my own)
16.) Take another Photography class
17.) Along with #16, figure out how to use Photoshop
18.) Attend the midnight premier of a movie
19.) Learn how to shoot a gun
20.) Finish every un-read book on my Kindle
21.) Run a Full Marathon with a Charity
22.) Visit a city I’ve never been to before
23.) Dye my hair (it’s never been dyed before!)
24.) Do something I’m completely terrified of
25.) Stay awake for 24 hours straight
26.) Blog for an entire week (at least one blog per day)
27.) Learn to speak French
28.) Watch the sunset from the beach
29.) Save a life
30.) Forgive.

OK…so I have a LOT of work to do this month! I have a feeling that this list will turn into a 30 DURING 30 list which is totally fine with me! :0) I like challenges….so we’ll just have to see where this adventure takes me!


  1. Great list! Good luck with the rest :-) I love my 30s, was terrified when I hit 30 but find it is even better then my 20s.

  2. Awesome list! Good luck with them! In some movie I watched recently, one of the characters had a list and save a life was on it. They rescued a dog at a shelter.

  3. You can take care of #1 on the list by sending me a box of whatever yumminess is in that top photo ;-)

    No need to thank me, I'm here to help :-p


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