Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon Weekend Part 2: The Expo/DNation Singlet Decorating Party

If you missed Part 1 of my New Orleans Rock and Roll Weekend, see below:

Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon Weekend Part 1

Part 1 of my recap left off at the end of the ACS DetermiNation Team Brunch!

After Brunch, we all walked to the Expo as a team to pick up our packets and explore the showroom!

 photo15 photo16

I was honored to be able to run with the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation Team once again!

photo17 photo18

All checked in! The nerves really started to kick in once I picked up my number! EEEKK!


I made my way over to the DetermiNation tent and signed the “In Memory/Honor Of Wall”….


After picking up my DetermiNation goodies, I found Forest at the Claim Your Journey/RunLA booth!


I also stalked down Heather and her mom at the Running Skirts booth! :0) Hi friend!


Jason played skeeball and won a medal! Yay Jason!

We finished shopping at the Expo, then walked back to the hotel for the DNation Singlet Decorating Party.

Where this “party” was a ton of fun last year, I felt as if it was SEVERELY lacking this year. Not cool.

photo25 photo26

However, I found my friends and we made the best of it! We had a lot of fun with paint!! :0)

photo27 photo28

I also met up with Megan at the Singlet Party! I told her that we were like “Injured Buddies” because an injury also prevented her from completing a race that she was training for around the same time! I completely felt her pain!

Later on that evening, we found our friends Heather and Bobby for dinner. Let me tell you – this dinner experience was quite interesting. We walked and walked and walked and walked a little more through downtown New Orleans. EVERY SINGLE RESTAURANT had at least a 2 hour wait. I started to panic. It was getting late – I had a Marathon to run in the morning…YIKES!


We finally decided to eat at the Doubletree (our hotel) at a wings restaurant. The tiny itty bitty restaurant had a VERY LOUD Jazz band playing in the corner. To make it even worse, the food took FOREVER to arrive and to top it off, the restaurant completely screwed up my order – they gave me breaded fried chicken instead of grilled. Instead of offering to fix the order, the waitress offered to pay for half of it (which made it sound like she would have to cover the entire cost of my order). I felt bad for her and told her not to worry about it. Seriously, worst pre-race meal experience EVER.



I was not a happy camper. Ah well….at least that’s all said and done.

After the longest dinner on the face of the planet (because it took FOREVER to get our food), we said goodbye to our friends and made our way back to our room to get ready for bed!


I had a BIG day coming up and the nerves were starting to kick in!!

Up next: RACE DAY!!! :0)

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