Saturday, July 21, 2012

Freak Storm

Last night, a crazy-out-of-no-where storm blew through my area. Around 9:30 p.m. or so, the electricity shut off and I was told that over 800 homes in the area were without power. Tornados were sighted just south of my area (about 10 minutes away or so). 

I stayed at home for one of the last Hurricanes (Hurricane Ike), and I remember the wind howling, but nothing like what we heard last night!

Around 4:30 a.m., I woke up to get ready to meet my crew for GoRun & guess what? The electricity was still out. Ugh.

 power line

I found out all too soon why….a tree branch feel over the power line on the road adjacent to ours. Great….

No electricity didn’t stop me, however! :0)


I met up with my friends and we sported our new Run Louisiana gear! Heather is the current Claim Your Journey Runner of the Week, by the way! :0)

As we ran, we saw a Coast Guard helicopter flying low over the lake. We found out that they were searching for a body….sad times. :0( Last night, 2 young guys were night fishing when the storm hit (I’m telling you, this thing came out of NO WHERE). When the 20 year old didn’t answer his cell phone around 9 p.m., his mom called 911. Their boat was found capsized & around 4 a.m., they found 20 year olds body. As we were running, the Coast Guard copter was searching for the 27 year old who was in the boat with him. What a sad story. I will be praying for the two families at such a horrible time.

After our run (a nice hot, sweaty, muggy 8 miles), we met at our usual Saturday morning hangout for breakfast!


I had scrambled egg whites, grits, and beignets! Super yummy!!

Our electricity finally came on around 11:15 a.m.! You don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone for a while. Definitely don’t want that to happen again any time soon! Now, I’m planning on basking in the non-humid coolness of my living room for the day!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! :0)


  1. What a crazy storm and so sad about the boys in the boat :(

    Glad you had a great run. So true about the electricity, we are so dependent on it!

  2. Glad you were safe in the storm! And so awesome that you didn't let the no electricity thing stop you from getting in your run! You sound as crazy as matter what I'm getting my run in lol!

  3. When we fist moved into our house, we lost electricity frequently during storms. It sucked!! Hasn't happened for a few years now. Fingers crossed

  4. So glad you got your power back & are safe! Kudos for getting the run in anyways!


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