Friday, August 10, 2012

Go Big or Go Home?

The Olympics inspire us to be great and to do great things-to go further than we ever imagined – to dig deeper than we ever thought possible. The journey to Olympic glory is not an easy one. The hardships faced by the athletes - in a way - make their stories even sweeter.

I’m sure you’ve all heard this recent report – Manteo Mitchell who felt his leg pop while running, then finished his race on a broken leg.


Image Source: USA Today

Or what about Jordyn Wieber who competed in the 2012 Olympics on a stress fracture in her leg?


Image Source: USA Today

Bringing it back to 1996 and Kerri Strug who finished a vault with torn ligaments in her ankle - which just so happened to make ESPN’s top 100 most memorable moments of the past 25 years! (Warning: Don’t read this article if you don’t want to cry!!)


Image Source: Sports Video Daily

All of these stories have something in common – The athletes had to dig deep inside themselves, push past the pain, reach further than they ever thought possible, and in the end they helped their team on their way to Olympic Glory!

Was it worth it?

What if their injuries are so great that they never get to compete again? Most people call these athletes heroes…a lot of people don’t really understand.

My non-athletic friends say it’s not worth it. Perhaps they just don’t understand the concept of pushing the body to its brink.

For me, I say it’s definitely worth it. These athletes have the true heart of a champion. Do I agree with this mentality on an every-day basis? Definitely not. I’ve never been in an Olympians shoes, but I can tell you that if I train my tail off for four years and I reach the greatest moment of my life (read: The Olympics), I’m competing no matter what!  To me, it’s absolutely worth it - without a doubt. (I attribute this mentality to my dad! Hah!)

So now I pose the question to my athletic friends – what do you think? What’s your take on the situation? Can you understand where the Olympic athletes are coming from?
Is this “Go Big or Go Home” mentality worth it?


  1. Yes completely understand as I have been in this situation a couple times. Once as a dancer in my teens with multiple foot injuries requiring surgery, but I competed anyways knowing it may eventually lead to an end (which it did) but this was an important event.

    My 2nd marathon I felt a terrible pain in my foot about mile 20 but decided to keep going thinking it was related to old issues (see above) and found out the next day I had 2 stress fractures in my foot.

  2. When it comes to the greatest moment of a person's life, yes it is. In the end they can say that they gave it their all, and they will be so glad that they can say that years down the road. When that much sacrifice goes into getting there quitting isn't an option until it's the only option.

  3. I totally understand where the Olympic athletes come from when they push to the max even while having an injury. I've done it myself, which is different because I didn't have any major lifetime event I was training for, and pushing myself only worsened my injury for a while. For Olympic athletes, it may be their one chance to win for their country so they push through.

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  5. I agree, it is absolutely worth it. They train so hard and sacrifice so much to get where they are, they aren't going to give up that easily, and I have a HUGE respect for that!

  6. When it comes to the Olympics or any other huge event, yes it is totally worth it. I think it's so crazy that they work their whole life for a two minute opportunity! They are brave people for sure!!


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