Friday, August 31, 2012

Claim Your Journey Featured Blog Posts!

Recently, I wrote two blog posts for Claim  Your Journey and both were chosen as the feature of the week!

Minimizing Sun Exposure

This week’s featured blog post comes to us from Karen in Lake Charles. Karen is not only a runner, but an oncology nurse, and shares with us some great tips on protecting yourself from the sun, as well as some risk factors for developing skin cancer. Many runners have either been personally affected by skin cancer, or have a friend or loved one who has had skin cancer, as it accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the U.S.

In her blog post, Karen adds a fact about a well-known runner’s experience with skin cancer that you may not have known about:

2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist Deena Kastor was diagnosed three times with Malignant Melanoma. Taken from her interview with Runners World, Kastor says, “I chalk it up to some weak years around high school, when I was running and wasn’t such a stickler about putting on sunscreen and protecting myself. I’m paying the price right now.”

Sun protection tips and more from Karen here.



Although a very hot summer, some of us still have to get our long runs in. The heat certainly does make training for your next race quite difficult, but sometimes you catch a break. This week, CYJ Blogger Karen tells us how one long run in the morning came to be a brilliant run.

My friend Heather and I were around mile 4 of our 12 mile run and for just a small moment, everything felt right. The surroundings for Saturday’s run were amazing – a nice peaceful lake with a gorgeous view of the sunrise, my pace was perfect, my breathing was under control – the world faded away and I was in the zone.

More from Karen here.


Besides blogging, Claim Your Journey has lots of great things on their site! Look around and see what you find!! :0)

Have a brilliant weekend and remember, always use sunscreen!

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