Monday, August 13, 2012

Favorite Olympic Moments

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I am slightly Olympics-obsessed!

My point well proven -
*Opening Ceremonies (and a weekend in review)
*Women’s Marathon
*1996 Olympic Torch
*Go Big or Go Home?

Saturday morning after our run, we even decided to “strike a pose”…or a “bolt”…..or something like that!


With the closing of the 2012 London Olympics last night, I find it fitting to share a few of my favorite Olympics moments with you!

When I think back over each moment I saw during the 2012 London Olympics, my favorite moment came from this young lady…..


Source: Google Images

Aly Raisman.

Hands down, my favorite moment of the entire Olympic games came at the very end of Aly Raisman’s floor routine when she realized that she just assisted her team to an Olympic Gold Medal!


Source: Google Images

That look on her face…priceless!
(Which of course caused tears of my own to start flowing….I’m a hopeless mess when it comes to this stuff!)


Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images

So excited for the Fierce Five!! They rock!

Another favorite moment of mine came from the water side of the Olympics – Swimming.


Source: Google Images

Rebecca Soni.


Source: Google Images

When Rebecca set not one but two World Records, I was elated for her!!


Source: Google Images

I follow Rebecca on Twitter, too! She’s a pretty cool girl! :0)

My favorite Track and Field moment was when Allyson Felix won the Women’s 200m final.


Source: Google Images

She left the Olympics with 3 gold medals and helped her team to a World Record in the 4x100m relay!

On top of everything else, Allyson has an awesome positive attitude and it shows in everything she does!


Source: Google Images

This girl is FAST!

A few other favorite moments:


Source: Google Images

Team USA won gold in the Men’s 4x100m Relay, landing Michael Phelps (what he says) his final Olympic Gold Medal.


Source: Google Images

Last but not least, I cannot leave out these two!


Source: Google Images

Kerri Walsh and Misty Mae-Treanor


Source: Google Images

Kerri and Misty on their third and final gold medal together as a team.


Source: Google Images

Once again, I cried a little more!

The 2012 London Olympics were filled with exciting, positive, & heart breaking moments.

At the end of the day, I hope that each and every athlete – medalist or not – can stand proud knowing that they represented their country in one of the biggest events in the world – the Olympics!

What’s your favorite moment(s) from the 2012 London Olympic Games?


  1. I loved the Olympics too. I can't wait for the games in Russia now. My favorite moment was watching the end of the men's marathon and saying to my husband, well, let's watch until Meb finishes. What a great surprise that he was the next one across the line!

  2. I'm in total Olympic withdrawal already!

    I have to say my favorite moment was the womens 800m because of the Saudi woman that ran. She came in last by a long shot but the fact that she was even allowed to compete and the barriers that were broken down was so amazing to see. The standing ovation she got pretty much reduced me to tears...dang olympics!

  3. Womens beach volleyball was my favorite out of all the events to watch. Misti and Carrie were freaking awesome! I am having some withdrawals too!

  4. Being from Puerto Rico, medals are rare and a very big deal. So Puerto Rico winning bronze in the 400m hurdles and silver in freestyle wrestling were incredible highlights. Farah winning both the 5,000 and 10,000m was also pretty cool.

  5. I love all the Michael Phelps and swimming Olympic coverage. I am now in Olympics withdrawal! Last night it really hit me when I had nothing on tv to watch.

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