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Kona Kase Review

The winner of the Race-Kred Rafflecopter Giveaway is: Jen N.! I sent an email your way…Congratulations!!

The wonderful folks over at Kona Kase recently gave Sweat Pink Ambassadors a chance to try out their product for review!


I received the March Box in the mail last week and waited to write my review after I had a chance to try most of the products inside.


I love this quote and I know my running buddy Kelli loves it as well. I thought of her when I opened the box. :0)

Inside, I found all kinds of awesome goodies…


…along with a list and description!


Here’s the items I’ve had a chance to try out so far:

Clif Bar Crunch Granola Bar


For starters, raise your hand if you knew Clif bars like this existed? I DID NOT!


There were two bars inside the package and I ate both of them before this past Saturday’s long run. The flavor was peanut butter and it was delicious! LOVED it! If I see these in the store, I’m so buying a box!!

Description: Clif Bar Crunch Granola Bar is a delicious tasting granola bar with a natural texture and crunchy finish. Clif Bars are high in fiber and natural whole food proteins which are highly absorbable and easily digested by your body. They are great snacks to take on the road, on runs, bike rides, or even to work.

Grade: A+

Clif Shot Bloks


I’ve tried Clif Bloks before and I like them, but I’m more of a gel person for races. It’s much easier to intake a gel for me than it is to chew something gummy while running. I also used this product on Saturday’s long run and really liked it. The cran-raz flavor is a good one, too. Again, Shot Bloks are not my personal favorite for races, but I do like to change things up every once in a while and throw something different in the mix on training runs.

Description: Clif Shot Bloks take a streamlined approach to performance nutrition – delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing. Shot Bloks organic ingredients help provide clean essential energy and hydration, plus fast muscle recovery. Pick up a box of Clif Shot Bloks and other great products at

Grade: B

TCHO Chocolate


TCHO chocolates came as four separate squares in four different flavors. So far, I’ve tried two of them – a dark chocolate square and a milk chocolate with “fudgy notes” square. I liked both and am really looking forward to tasting the milk chocolate with “caramel notes” square. This chocolate is very smooth and absolutely delicious. A perfect afternoon treat!


Description: TCHO is a San Francisco basted, craft chocolate manufacture obsessed with flavor. The obsession begins at origin. TCHO doesn’t just buy good beans, they help make the best beans through their TCHOSource program, with the aim of building a new way to think about chocolate, based on the pure flavors of cacao. Free shipping on orders over $75, code “FREESHIP75” at

Grade: A

Perfect Foods Bar


Earlier this week, I felt really icky and stayed home during the day. I didn’t eat a lot throughout the day, but I did have a Perfect Foods Mini Bar as an afternoon snack. This bar was very tasty and I really liked the texture and flavor. I love that it was all natural, had no refined sugars, and used almond butter as an ingredient!


Description: Besides their amazing taste and cookie dough-like texture, there is good reason why Runner's’ World Magazine recently named Perfect Foods Bar among their list of “10 Best Recovery Bars for Runners”. Every Perfect Foods Bar comes loaded with over 20 organic whole foods and contains zero refined sugars. Save 10% on online orders and free shipping with orders over $100. Code: KONAKASE at

Grade: A

Sun Cups


Perhaps the item I was MOST excited to try was the Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups by Sun Cups. Chocolate + Caramel?! Watch out!!

My husband and I shared this sweet treat last night after dinner.


Unfortunately, my Sun Cups were broken and a lot of the caramel leaked out in the packaging. I am NOT complaining…however – these babies were DELICIOUS! I will definitely look for these in the stores as well!


I’d share, but you would have to fight off my puppy dog first!

Description: Sun Cups’ challenge was to make a peanut butter cup that suits everyone. These chocolate cups are nut-free, gluten-free, and produced using cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Today, their Boulder chocolate factory is buzzing around the clock churning out delicious chocolate that is safe for individuals with nut allergies. A great post activity treat. Use code KONA13 for 25% off at

Grade: A  (I didn’t give it an A+ because the shells were cracked – but I know that’s not really anyone’s fault so why penalize the product?)


Other items from the March Kona Kase I’ve yet to try:

Wild Friends Nut Butter

I was sent the Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter and I plan on trying it out after Saturday’s run. I can’t wait to spread it on a whole wheat English muffin! A much deserved treat after a long run!

Description: Wild Friends mission is to spread delicious, unique flavors of all-natural peanut butter and almond butter. Kelley and Erika were students at the University of Oregon when they decided to make wholesome nut butters with an exciting and healthy twist. You may even remember seeing this duo pitching their Nut Butter on ABC’s TV show, Shark Tank! Code KONAKASE for 15% off orders at

Earnest Eats

Dark choco-mint – it sounds right up my alley! I am planning on saving this for an afternoon treat when a chocolate craving hits! Can’t wait to try it out!

Description: No spray-on vitamins or protein powders. No corn, peanut, or soy oils. no ingredient lists with long compound words, Earnest Eats makes their bars with whole nuts, fruits, seeds, grains, and rich roasted almond butter. All bars are baked in small batches in real ovens for a soft cookie-lie texture. All of this is done so that you can eat a bar carefree, and enjoy every last bite. Use code TRYME for 15% off at


I love the packaging on this product – the yellow smiley face drew me to it instantly! I plan on eating BruBar out prior to this up-coming Saturday’s long run.

Description: Crafted with all-natural ingredients, BRUBAR’s are rich with barley malt, a key ingredient in craft beers and a great source of energy. Pairing barley malt with dates and rolled oats not only creates a delicious taste and moist texture, but also provides a consistent release of energy so you can maximize your training efforts. Use code KONAKASE10 for 10% off single box orders or KONAKASE25 for 25% off orders of 2 boxes or more at


Kona Kase has graciously offered the readers of Just Me & My Running Shoes a discount off your first month’s Kase!

Fuel Your Active Lifestyle With A Monthly Box! Discover and try the best healthy performance foods from around the country to fuel your workouts. Once a month come home to a box of 8 premium nutrition products at your doorstep to fuel your  workouts.
Join. Receive. Perform.

$15 per month
Give as a Gift
Cancel Anytime
Multi-Month Discounts
Free Shipping on all Kases

Use code: SEAL at checkout for 50% off your first Kona Kase – that’s $7.50 instead of the regular fifteen dollars!

What are you waiting for? Try out a Kona Kase today!

Have you ever tried a subscription box service? What were/are your thoughts?


  1. I've been wanting to try some of these boxes to get an idea of what products I might like without having to order full cases of each! Thanks for the code!

  2. I've never tried a subscription series and missed the signup with Sweat Pink to try this....looks like you enjoyed alot of goodies!

    1. Bummer! So sorry to hear that! I'm sure more opportunities will come up in the future...

  3. OOOO i can't wait to try and get one!!!

  4. This must of happened before I was an SPA, but man that looks nice :) I have heard of a lot of different subscription boxes, but never heard of them specifically. Might as well give them a chance :) I love monthly boxes!

    1. Darnit! Sorry you missed out! I love monthly boxes, too, especially since I'm a huge fan of surprises! :0)

  5. This service looks like one I would actually like. I got a different box once and it was all scary pills and diet stuff I would never try and ended up trashing.

    1. Oh no! Yeah that's not cool, I would have done the same!!

  6. Wow, there was a lot of goodies packed into that box! I like the idea of a subscription box to let you try all sorts of things. And I am definitely going to be on the look out for the Clif Bar Crunch!

    1. I agree! I love having the opportunity to try things out before purchasing an entire box, then realizing I don't like it. If you find the Clif Bar Crunch, let me know where! :0)

  7. I've bought the Clif Bar Crunches before. . but I forgot the store :( They remind me of the Nature Valley ones, but better.

    I love these box series! I just wish I was training so I could put the contents to good use.

    1. Yes, I agree! They did remind me of Nature's Valley but I liked the taste of the Clif bars better!

  8. Looks like an interesting box to receive.


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