Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run for Others 5K Recap

On Saturday, I ran what will likely be my last 5K of the season. As you probably know, I irritated my ITBand last week and was indecisive on how to tackle this 5K.

In the end, I made the decision to forgo my PR plans and run the 5K with a work friend instead. My work friend’s name is Balinda and she has been seeing a personal trainer for the past month. Her goal was to run the entire 5K without stopping and I decided to run with her!


We arrived to a decent sized crowd – being the end of April in SWLA, it was a hot morning. Thankfully, the 5K began at 7:30 a.m. (YAY)!


With my BRF’s (Heather and Kelli) before the race began! :0)


Balinda and I ready to run!


And we’re off!


This course was a double loop course through a beautiful and quiet neighborhood.


We even passed a garage sale or two!


Balinda ran this race SO well and I was incredibly proud of her! Prior to this race, she shared her goals with me – to run a 12 minute pace, finish around 36 minutes, and run the entire race without stopping.


I glanced at my watch several times during the race and didn’t say anything until closer to the end because I didn’t want to scare her – we were keeping a steady 11 minute pace! I did tell her several times how excited I was for her and how proud I was of her!


Beautiful Oak trees!

As we closed in on the finish line, we picked up the pace and ran it in home!


Our final time? 34 minutes! Not only did Balinda reach her goal of running the entire 5K, she also ran below 36 minutes and below a 12 minute pace! I was incredibly proud of her!!


As far as my knee? Yeah, it’s out of commission for a little while. I started to feel it pretty bad around 2 1/2 miles. Looks like it’s back to cross training and the bike for me! I’ve said it before and I still feel the same way…I’m disappointed, but it’s NOT the end of the world! I’m so grateful it’s not race season and I have time to recuperate!

Have you ever run a race with a friend to help them reach a goal?

(P.S. – I’m SO grateful for all of the support with my grandfather…thank you guys so much! It looks as if he will have surgery on Wednesday so please keep those prayers coming!)


  1. Prayers will continue to ascend for your grandfather.

    Funny that it isn't race season for you - I feel like up north we are just entering into race season for the next few months - although for me my major goal/prize is the Wine and Dine Half Marathon this November.

    YAY for biking! Time to expand that two mile loop :)

    1. Yes, I agree...it's funny how backwards that is! It's starting to become way too hot and humid for races. There is one on the 4th of July that's pushing it with the heat, but after that, we usually don't start again until October!

      I agree about the 2 mile loop! I discussed options with my husband last night! :0) He's going to start riding some with me, too!

  2. :) The end of race season made me smile too! Our race season will be starting in the next month....we still have snow on the ground today. :) Sorry to hear about your IT band, hopefully it heals up quickly!! Prayers for your Grampa for tomorrow!

    1. Wow...snow!! Best of luck to you in your upcoming races! I appreciate the support and prayers! Thank you!!

  3. I just started blogging and C25K. Glad I found you. Nice blog.

    1. Hey Kristin! Thanks so much for stopping by! Best of luck to you! :0)

  4. No i have not run a race with anyone to help them reach their goals,BUT i am so happy that you did that for me!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a good time even with a bum knee. Great attitude. Running will still be there when your knee is better.

    1. Thanks! You are right - running will still be there when I'm ready to return! :0)

  6. Injuries are the worst! Hopefully you'll heal up super quick!

  7. I hope your grandfather's surgery goes well!

    I'm sorry to hear that your knee is still troubling you, but hooray for helping a friend achieve her race goals! I've done that twice -- helped a friend a friend not walk during a 5K and paced a friend on her first half-marathon.

    1. Thanks so much! His surgery went very well and he's on his way to recovery! Awesome that you've helped pace a friend on a half! That's great!


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