Friday, June 7, 2013

Fitness Friday-Color in Motion!

Grandfather update: I took my grandfather to an oncologist yesterday to hear his opinion. Until yesterday, I had not yet read the pathology report. Good news, the report returned that the mass is a Tubular Adenoma which is benign (not cancer). Thank goodness. If it was cancerous, my main concern was leaving it in there to spread. Now, that’s one less thing to worry about! Since he’s opting not to have surgery to remove this benign tumor, it will more than likely still cause him problems in the future (bleeding, etc), but for now those problems should remain fixable. Thank you again for all the prayers!! God is awesome! :0)

Fitness Friday

It’s June! Yay for a new month – that means we are getting closer and closer to Dumbo Double Dare, then Christmas will be here before we know it! Disney and Christmas…doesn’t take much! :0)

This week was a little more productive for me fitness wise and I am very happy with my progress!


Saturday – 6 mile bike ride with a friend
– Rest Day
Monday – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #2 and 2 mile walk with Jason
– Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #2 and 4 mile bike ride with Jason
Wednesday – National Running Day! 2 mile run/walk!
– 10 mile (hard) bike ride
Friday – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #2


I have a massage planned for this afternoon so I’m going to relax, enjoy it, and not push myself too hard today! :0)

I know I told you guys that my running group had a run and ice cream social planned for yesterday evening – well, rain blew through and ruined our plans! :0( I still managed to squeeze a 10 mile bike ride in between rain showers, then I enjoyed a little banana split from sonic! :0) Hey, I was promised ice cream and it didn’t happen! No ice cream = unhappy Karen!


Louisiana and Gulf Coast runners, the Color in Motion 5k is barreling into Baton Rouge to throw a crazy colorful 5k race the morning of June 29th! That’s just a few short weeks away!


Runners in this kaleidoscopic event will run, jog, swagger, dance, and sashay their way through Central City. Starting in white (be it a tee shirt and shorts, football jerseys, or a wedding dress), participants gradually transform into a moving Technicolor blur as they get color blasted at stations located at every kilometer mark of the run. The race is not timed or limited to just athletes—everyone of every age and level of fitness is invited to be active, social, and have a great time painting the town.

At the end of the race, participants can attend the “Color Bash” post-race party with music, dancing, and one last color blast.

fixed DSC_0715

Color in Motion 5k is not an event limited to the Baton Rouge area, it’s happening all over the country, and at every location it teams up with a local charity to raise both funds and awareness. For the race in Capital City, Color in Motion 5k is working with the Central Community School System to create a community bike/walk path. I think it’s awesome that they give back to an worthy cause in each city they visit!

Want to take part in this great event?

The Color in Motion 5K is offering readers of Just Me & My Running Shoes a race discount! Simply enter the code: RUNNINGSHOES (in all caps) at checkout to receive 10% off your entry fee! 

Also check them out on:

How was your week? Do you get grumpy when promised something and it doesn’t happen? Have you ever run a color-type run in the past?

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I like your blog very much.You have done really a good work in athletic department.

  2. Oh, I am so glad to hear that the tumor is benign!

    I think I'm perpetually cranky but as I can get a bit set in my ways, it's much worse when things don't go as planned.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. That's exactly how I feel too, Kimberly! LOL Thanks! You have a great weekend as well! :0)

  3. Yay about your Grandfather and BOO about the ice cream! I say you just go get some by yourself. ;)

    1. That's exactly what I did! Hah! :0) Thank you!!

  4. Enjoy your massage! Happy to hear that the mass is benign!

  5. oh wow I thought yall had already been told he had cancer, that's great news!

  6. Great week of workouts girl! Enjoy that massage earned it!!! I'm sooo happy your Grandfather is cancer free! Praise God!!! The Color in Motion race sounds fun! I love color races...I've done the Color Run and Color Me Rad!

    1. Thanks Mindy! I agree, runs that involve color are a ton of fun! :0) Have a great weekend and congrats on the socks win!

  7. So pleased that things have turned around for your grandfather. As for the "little" banana split, it made me laugh because I have never seen a small banana split!

    1. Haha OK maybe not so little! But it was yummy!!! :0)

  8. I am so happy for your Grampa & your family! So glad things worked out better! Enjoy your massage!! :)

  9. So happy thing are looking on the up and up for your family.

  10. So happy for good news! and banana splits :)

  11. I have never ran in any "themed" running events like color runs etc. Just isn't for me. However, I think it is great as it gets people who otherwise wouldn't run out there to do run :) ... it serves it's purpose.

  12. Just ran my 6 miles for double dare dumbo!! I'm starting to get excited! Keep up the good work!

  13. Glad you still managed to have your banana split.
    I love your comment about Christmas - I am heading home for Christmas this year and super excited. But first I have my trip to Maui, then my sister coming to visit in August and Vegas - so much to look forward to.

  14. Great news about your grandpa and great workouts this week!

  15. Great news about your Grandpa, great workouts, and a fun race coming up! Sounds like you had an awesome #FitnessFriday!!


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