Thursday, June 6, 2013

National Running Day 2013

Raise your hand if you participated in the runner’s National holiday yesterday? I did! Even though I’ve been on a running hiatus for four weeks, I decided to take it slow and run walk 2 miles before work. How could I pass up running on my sports National holiday? No way!


I took it slow  but my knee still bothered me a little bit during the run. I foam rolled and iced like crazy yesterday so here’s hoping I didn’t irritate it even further.

This afternoon, my running group is getting together for a group meeting in honor of National Running Day - a group run followed by banana splits! We had a similar meeting last year and it was SO much fun. I came to work prepared today – I have everything I could possibly need for another short run after work, so we will see how it goes!


I have to admit, I’m really excited about the later part of this get-together! :0)


How did you celebrate National Running Day yesterday?

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  1. I did a mile yesterday...I feel you on the knee left one is starting to bother me from compensating for the right one! I hope yours starts to feel better!

  2. Banana splits after running. Yes. PLEASE!

    Hope that knee feels better!

  3. I ran yesterday too! I'm glad you were able to get out and run, I hope tonight brings no-pain as well! I'm so jealous, there are no running groups in my rural area...I have searched and searched. The banana splits sound fantastic! Have fun!

    1. Sad times for no running groups! Who knows where i would be without mine! Thank you! :0)

  4. I need to find that running group! I'd run so much faster if I knew ice cream was at the end! I celebrated National Running Day a day early on Tuesday!

  5. Yesterday was our planned rest day, so we celebrated by taking it easy and baking peanut butter cookies. We hit it hard again this morning, though!

  6. I had a great 5 mile run yesterday. And maybe bought myself some new running shorts. Hehe

  7. So glad you got to run girl! Hope the knee is feeling ok today. I just ran a mile but at least I got something in! :-)

  8. I ran track practice! I hot sweaty four miles. I hope your on the road to almost being healed and recovered.

  9. I managed to get out for a short run.
    The banana splits sound good :)


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