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Monthly Athletic Subscription Boxes

Happy National Running Day! Go for a run and enjoy it! I’m celebrating tomorrow with my running group and might attempt a short run this morning! :0)



Kona Kase, BuluBox, RunnerBox…what’s the deal with all of these “boxes”?
If you’ve followed my blog over the past few months, you’ve noticed reviews on several subscription boxes I’ve received via mail. Here, I’d like to point out the pros and cons of the reviewed boxes so you can get a better idea of what’s inside each one and how the various companies differ from each other. Who knows, maybe you’ll find one to subscribe to…monthly mailbox surprises are always a ton of fun!

Please note, these boxes are listed in alphabetical order to make it fair. :0)

To see my review of the contents of the April and May Bulu Boxes, click here.
  • Price
  • Tasty items inside!
  • Shipping included in price
  • 2 options – Regular Box or Weight Loss Box
  • Not a fan of supplements, but I am glad this box wasn’t FULL of supplements – the balance was good!
  • 1 month – $10
  • 3 months – $30
  • 6 months – $60
  • 12 months – $110
Click here to check Bulu Box out and place your order!

Also find Bulu Box on:

To see my review of the contents of this FitBox, click here.

  • Full sized samples
  • Products targeted towards athletes
  • I received several items I was interested in trying but hadn’t yet, so I was excited about that!
  • This box was so stuffed, I almost couldn’t close it again!
  • This box is pricier than others, but I feel as if the product inside is very much worth the price, so I guess there are technically no cons for FitBox!
  • 1 month subscription – $19.95
  • 3 month subscription – $44.99
  • 6 month subscription – $84.00
  • 12 month subscription – $167.00
Click here to check FitBox out and place your order!


To see my review of the contents of this KLUTCHclub box, click here.

  • Each monthly box is themed
  • Women, Men, and Mom Box options
  • Boxes focus on fitness/health as well as relaxation
  • “Best-of” box option – a compilation of fan favorite items
  • Shipping is not included, but doesn’t alter the price much higher than other traditional boxes
  • Some boxes include supplements
  • Not all samples inside boxes are full-sized
  • 1 month – $10 per box + $8 shipping
  • 3 months – $9 per box + $8 shipping
  • 12 months – $8 per box + $8 shipping
  • Best-of Box – $17 per box + $8 shipping

Kona Kase

To see my review of the contents of this Kona Kase, click here.

  • Full sized samples
  • Wide variety of items
  • Products targeted towards athletes
  • My only qualm with this box is the Caramel Cups were melted, but that’s not Kona Kase’s fault – therefore there are no cons! :0)
  • 1 month subscription – $15.00
  • 3 month subscription – $41.00
  • 6 month subscription – $77.00
  • 12 month subscription – $145.00


To see my review of the contents of this RunnerBox, click here.

  • This box was beyond stuffed!
  • Filled with items beyond food – even Injinji socks and sports washing detergent!
  • Many different samples I wanted to try but hadn’t yet (score!)
  • RunnerBox, TriBox, and Gluten Free options
  • No cons with RunnerBox! They rock!
  • BiMonthly (every other month) – $20.00
  • 6 month subscription (3 boxes total delivered every other month) – $20.00 per box
  • 1 time GiftBox – $20.00
Click here to check RunnerBox out and place your order!

Also find RunnerBox on:
Others boxes to check out:

Nature Box
Healthy Surprise

For the doggie lovers

Boxes NOT to check out:
Fitbox by PlatinumBox – I ordered a box at the $5 promotion rate for the purpose of this review and never received it. As the next month approached, I called the number provided on their website and no one ever returned my phone call (still haven’t). After several emails, a representative finally emailed me back with this statement:

“We are sorry you did not receive your box, your membership has been canceled!”
That’s IT. No offer to refund my money OR send an additional box because I never received the one I purchased. I strongly urge you NOT buy a box from this company!

Don’t forget about my Zensah Argyle Compression Socks Giveaway! Ends Friday!!

Have you ever been ripped off by a company? What are your overall thoughts on the “box revolution”?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. While I did receive free product from several of these companies, all of the opinions stated are my own.


  1. Great comparison! I'm a Stridebox fan myself :)

    1. Thanks! :0) Haven't tried Stridebox yet, guess I need to add it to my list! Hah!

  2. I'm totally sucked into the boxes. I love my Healthy Surprise box, though it's definitely not cheap. But I put it into the grocery budget. I also do StrideBox and RunnerBox (the tri version) and am happy with both. I agree with you on BuluBox. Too many supplements.

    1. Awesome you fit Healthy Surprise into your grocery budget! Sounds like a LOT of great food options!

  3. Karen...this is an AWESOME post!!! I'm going to refer back to it when I get ready to order one of these. I'm liking the looks of Bulu and Runnerbox from these pics.

    1. Thank you!! :0) Both boxes are great, can't go wrong with either!

  4. You have gotten to try a ton of different boxes! Thanks for the reviews!!!!

    1. Welcome! Notice I even included a shout out to Bark Box! lol

  5. I love that you compared all of these...I get overwhemeled with all of mine so this was great:)

    1. Overwhelmed is right! It definitely can get overwhelming at times! Thank you! :0)

  6. Nice review on many different boxes. I am too picky about what I eat to try the boxes. Throwing away many of the items would be a problem since I hate waste.

  7. WOW! That's a lot of subscription boxes. I've never tried any of those. :) I would love to try the Stridebox or the Runner's box. Looks interesting and definitely will fit my needs. :)

  8. That was great seeing all the comparisons together. I am still thinking of signing up for another one, but not sure which, I just know it wont be bulu box as i wasnt impressed with the supplements

  9. Wow. Do you get all 5 boxes every month? I like those that don't include supplements.

    1. No I definitely could not keep up with all of that! LOL I agree, I like the ones that don't include supplements, also!

  10. Great reviews! I've been hearing about a lot of these and have only tried the Kona Kase, which I like.
    This is my first time stopping by so I wanted to say "hi"!
    happy running =)

    Karen @cinderella_runs

  11. Thank you so much for putting all of these together in one place. That's so helpful! I think I've found a couple more boxes to try.

  12. great post! was looking into doing the boxes myself and this helped narrow my choices down. :)


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