Friday, May 29, 2015

Dona Jo Fitwear Review

Looking for a brightly colored pair of tights or a skirt that's perfect for a fun run or a yoga session with friends? Well, you've come to the right place!

Recently, I was contacted by the ladies at Dona Jo Fitwear to review a pair of printed tights. They also graciously offered a discount code for all of you guys - keep reading to hear more! 

(Disclaimer: I was offered a pair of tights free of charge. No compensation was exchanged for this review. All opinions are my own.) 

The first thing I noticed about these leggings when I took them out of the package was the softness of the material. I also love the bright and bold colors! Dona Jo's line has so many different patterns, styles, and colors to choose from - it was hard for me to decide on a favorite! I finally settled on Fusion and am so glad I did - there's so many colors to pair these leggings with!

Dona Jo leggings have:
  • High quality performance for a long run or training session.
  • 5-way stretch fabric which allows for two sizes fitting women 0-16!
  • Comfortable and unique feeling of a second-skin making them great for on-trend street wear.
  • Fun prints which sets them above the rest by giving you a great workout, and a great look too!

I took these leggings on a week-day run recently and I have a few thoughts:
  • Despite only two different ordering sizes, these tights fit well and don't slide down as I run
  • The material of the tights is a little bit thinner than I prefer - next time I wear these out, I'm going to wear a sparkle skirt or shorts on top.
  • The color and pattern of these tights are bright and vibrant - so much fun and really comfortable!

Overall, I really like these tights and would consider ordering another pair (or a skirt) in the future! 

Interested in a pair? Well, today's your lucky day! 

Enter KAREN20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase! Also, you'll get free shipping on orders over $99! 


Do you like to wear bright colors? Have you ever tried out a pair of patterned leggings?


  1. Those tights are absolutely adorable!

  2. I have been wanting a bright pair of tights all spring but of course now it is way to hot. To be wearing pants here!
    Thanks for the review. My job keeps me on the look out for finding "new to me" designers. I'll have to pass this one along to my editor and see what she thinks!

    1. That's awesome!! Hope you're able to use them! :)

  3. Those tights are sooo cute! I love the pattern!!!

  4. Those are the cutest running tights!! I normally stick to basics like black or grey, but it would be fun to spice it up some.

    1. Me too so this was kind of out of my "norm", but I love them!

  5. I love bright colorful tights and capris, those are cute!


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