Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Disney Princess Half Trip Recap–Disney Dream Day 3

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! We did end up going to see Tomorrowland and I loved it!! I know the movie received mixed reviews but I definitely left with a smile on my face!

Speaking of Disney, next up on our Disney Cruise Line adventures is our Castaway Cay Day which began super early because of the Castaway Cay 5K.

Missed a previous recap? Here you go! :)

After the 5K, we began a slow walk back to the ship. It was a slow walk because the island was still deserted and it was so nice and peaceful!

Castaway Cay (24)

We also stopped for a few pictures along the way! :)

Castaway Cay (25)

Back in our room, I noticed that the smell of cigarette smoke was quite strong from our balcony. I decided to contact guest services, just incase there was anything they could do. (I paid for a verandah so I could enjoy it, and second hand smoke isn’t my way of enjoying a vacay…)

Anyway, back to Castaway Cay….

Castaway Cay (7)

We put on our swim suits, grabbed a quick breakfast in Cabanas, then headed back out to the island.

Castaway Cay (20)

This time, our destination was Serenity Bay!

Castaway Cay (21)

I. Love. This. Place.

Even though I don’t consider myself a “beachy” person, this is a gorgeous place to relax. As a matter of fact, relaxing is exactly what we did. For hours. At one point, we were both asleep in the shade of an umbrella on a couple of lounge chairs. Combine that with the sound of the ocean in the background….heaven, pure heaven.

Castaway Cay (26)

Around noon, we walked over to Cookie’s for delicious BBQ and made a few birdie friends while at it! (We did not feed the birds, we just said hello.) :)

Castaway Cay (11)

Mid-afternoon, we noticed a crazy fella stumbling down the beach….

Castaway Cay (10)

Aye, matie! It was Captain Jack Sparrow! He informed me that the contraption on my leg looked “infected” and “we might have to amputate”….

Castaway Cay (12)

After relaxing a bit more, we got in the water and swam to the sand bar which was a pretty decent ways out (it didn’t look like it from the beach). We saw a few sting ray and other non-harmful sea animals, then we swam back to the beach for naptime round 2!

Castaway Cay (22)

We stayed on Serenity Bay as long as we could before heading back to the ship.

Castaway Cay (15)

This little fella wanted to say hello, too!

Castaway Cay (16)

Back in our room, I was surprised to see a package on our bed – included was a note from guest services, thanking us for contacting them and informing us that they did all they could to rectify the cigarette smoke issue. I was pleasantly surprised and thought the gift was really nice of them!

Castaway Cay (23) 

Unfortunately, I think our room was right next to a crew  smoking deck. On the plus side, when the ship was moving, we couldn’t smell a thing! :)

Castaway Cay (17)

Bye Castaway Cay! Until next time!!

Castaway Cay (18)

Dinner that evening included Pirate Night along with the Pirates of the Caribbean deck party and fireworks!

Castaway Cay (1)Castaway Cay (19)

Arrrrggghhhh! I found treasure!

Castaway Cay (2)

Out of all the dinner menus on board the Disney Cruise Line, Pirate Night happens to be my favorite!

Castaway Cay (3)

Pineapple and pot sticker appetizers…yum yum!

Castaway Cay (4)Castaway Cay (5)

Fish for dinner and a trio of desserts…oh my!

Castaway Cay (6)

For some reason, I don’t have any pictures from the Pirates party, but we did walk up on deck to watch! I love how the Dream’s Pirate party is different from those on board the Magic and Wonder!

After the fireworks, we called it a night. Although we slept most of the day away at Castaway Cay, we were tired!!

Up next: A day at sea!

What’s your favorite Castaway Cay activity?


  1. I think i NEED to take a Disney cruise :) Hopefully in 2017!

  2. llovveee serenity bay, we stay all day as long as we can! Drinking conch coolers, too. aahhh. Did they have a midnight pirate buffet?

    1. Yes they did, but it wasn't a full out buffet like we've seen in the past. We weren't hungry this time, so we didn't stick around.

  3. I would have been upset about the smoke too! I didn't think they even allowed smoking on the ship. Glad you enjoyed the rest of your time there. Being out in the sun completely wipes me out and I never have trouble falling asleep at night!

    1. There's a few smoke decks - one of them on the Dream is on the very top deck at the back of the ship. Same here about the sun! :)

  4. Your trip looks like it was so much. I enjoy reading about all your daily activities. I am trying to arrange the four night cruise after marathon weekend next January! each day.

    1. Thanks, Pam!! I know yall are going to have a blast!! :)

  5. PoTC is one of my favourite movies, and so this post was so much fun to read!

    Have they gotten back to you regarding the smoke yet?

    1. I love PoTC, too!! :) No, they left a gift in our room...kind of as a "sorry", I guess. I've read a lot of reviews about our room online and they've all complained of a cigarette smoke smell.

  6. Ugh, the smoke would've bummed me out too. We have friends that have done several Disney cruises. They sound so fun! I had several days of napping on the beach last week! I'm missing them now that I'm back in the real world!


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