Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Disney Princess Half Trip Recap–Disney Dream Day 2

When I left off with my Disney Princess recap, we were on board the Disney Dream and day 1 was complete! Today, I bring you Day 2 and our visit to Nassau!

Speaking of Disney Cruise Line, 2016’s itineraries were released yesterday! I’m excited to see that the Magic is returning to NYC! If you’re at all interested in the NY to Canada cruise, book it! We had a ton of fun! If you’re on the fence and interested in reading a recap, check out mine here (scroll down the page a little and you’ll see the NY/Canada section).

Back to our Disney Dream cruise and Day 2…..

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (1)

Our ship arrived in Nassau bright and early. It was fun to watch them dock!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (2)

Ready for a snorkeling adventure!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (3) 

Our Nassau ship mate happened to be the Norwegian Pearl! We were on the Pearl when we visited Alaska several years ago.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (13)

Last time we were in Nassau, we did the same snorkeling excursion and really enjoyed it. I’m just being honest – we did not enjoy the rest of Nassau, so we decided to go snorkeling this time, then head back to the ship to try out the AquaDuck (since we were already wet from the excursion).

I’m getting ahead of myself, though….

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (14)

One difference I felt with this snorkeling excursion was the amount of people on the catamaran. We also had another ship full of people on board with us and boy was it crowded!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (15)

It didn’t stop us from having fun, though!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (16)

This is what our catamaran looked like…

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (17)

The water was gorgeous! We snorkeled for about an hour before heading back to the ship. I did enjoy this excursion but I don’t know if I would book it again for a third time.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (18)

We were all given punch and chips on the way back.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (19)

Hello and goodbye Nassau! Back to the ship we go!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (20)

The first stop once back on board the Dream was our room – I wanted to drop off my bag before going up top to the AquaDuck.

Lucky for us, the line was only about 15-20 minutes long (yay)!We had so much fun the first time, we decided to enjoy a second round! :)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (4)

After getting cleaned up and eating lunch, we made our way to the Buena Vista Theater for the runDisney Castaway Challenge panel. If you’re interested in reading about my Castaway Challenge adventures, check here and here.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (5)

Before dinner, we said goodbye to Nassau as the ship pulled out of port. For a minute there, I almost forgot we were docked in a port at all!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (7)

Dinner that evening was dress-up night and our rotation had us at the Royal Palace (I thought that was very fitting)!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (8)Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (6)

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (9)


Dinner was delicious as always.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (10)

Despite having a REALLY early morning the next day for the Castaway Cay 5K, we still watched “Match Your Mate” in the adult club. It was hilarious as always. We were shocked to feel the ship docking at Castaway Cay while we were still in the adult area – it was only 11:30 p.m.!

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream (11)

Before long, we said goodnight because we had a super early day the next morning!

Stay tuned for our day at Castaway Cay!

Have you been to Nassau? What do you like to do there? Ever taken a fun excursion I should know about?


  1. It looks like you like to cruise as much as we do! We've also done the NYC-Canadda cruise and also the Alaskan cruise. I agree that Nassua is not that enjoyable and quite frankly a bit dirty. We always take the little boat over to Paradise Island. That is where Atlantis Resort is and it is like a totally different island then where you get off at Nassua. It's so clean. You can snorkel, use the water slides, go to the casino ( if you are into that kind of thing). It's just so beautiful all around. We have another cruise planned for this summer but we may have to cancel cus out older dog is not well and we don't want to have someone watching him for a week. I look forward to reading about the rest of your trip!

    1. That's awesome! We loved both itineraries! We've went to Atlantis on our first trip to Nassau but didn't go to the beach...might have to do that next time! :) Hope your dog is ok...so sorry to hear he's not doing well!

  2. I am hoping to talk my sister into the Disney cruise next year after marathon weekend. I really want to run the Castaway Challenge and get that fancy medal! Looks like you had a great day in Nassau. We always do either a water excursion or no excursion in Nassau. Just not fans!

    1. That would be so much fun!! I know you ladies would have a blast together!

  3. I've never been on a Disney cruise before, but want to go on one so bad! I'm sure it would put all other cruises to shame.

  4. I love the Aquaduck! So much fun! We usually stay on the ship in nassau, it's just "eh" for us.

    1. That's exactly how we felt...it's just "eehhh"...

  5. We aren't a huge fan of Nassau either...definitely a day to just chill on the ship!

  6. Fun! I've been to Nassau but we did the same thing that you did...went snorkeling! :-)


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