Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Memorial Day (4)

In  memory of those who fought so I could be free, I thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Memorial Day (1)

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a crazy but fun three day weekend! Friday after I got off work, I took an amazing nap then my dad helped put together a playhouse we bought my niece for her 2nd birthday.

Memorial Day Weekend (1)

The party was Minnie Mouse themed and she had a BLAST!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Her swing set and playhouse in the backyard were the “big” surprises and boy was she excited!


We also had mickey party favors! Haha!

Memorial Day Weekend

Love this sweet little girl!

On Saturday, I went for a six mile run with my BRF, Heather!

Memorial Day Weekend (2)

I forgot to stop my watch at water stations…again. Whoops.

Madalynn and I also went for a walk where we got SOAKED!

Memorial Day Weekend (6)

Despite the rain, we had a great time anyway! The crazy part about the rain is that it stopped as soon as it started – but while it was raining, it POURED. Since we were already wet and Madalynn wanted to keep walking, we decided to have fun with it!! She chased squirrels, ran in ditches, saw turtles…it was so much fun! She didn’t care for the bath she received after the walk, though! Whoops.
On Sunday, we went to church where I worked in the coffee shop both morning and night service. My friend Kim runs the coffee shop and needed help so I volunteered. It was actually kind of fun!
We had the thought of going to see Tomorrowland sometime today, but I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing – we’ll see!


Spartan Racing (1)

As part of their Memorial Day celebration, Spartan Racing is offering a discount on their races through May 27th.

Use code MEMORIAL at checkout and you’ll receive the above discount on your race!
Stay tuned this week for a Spartan Racing Giveaway that will be hosted here on the blog!
Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget about the JournalMENU giveaway happening NOW! It ends Thursday night at midnight! Don’t miss out on your chance at winning! 


What are your Memorial Day plans? Have a great one!


  1. What a fun weekend Karen! Mine has been spent loving on my new nephew!

    1. Aww that's a great way to spend the weekend! Congrats Aunt Mindy!! :)


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