Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 week checkup!

So today, I had my 3 week checkup on my foot! It's healing fine according to the Xrays and it definitely feels better. The Doctor told me to continue wearing the boot a little longer and slowly ease myself back into real shoes. Hopefully soon! He said listen to my foot...if it hurts, then don't push it.

The appointment felt like it took forever! First, the Doctor came in. Then I went for Xrays, then the Nurse Practitioner came in. He left, then they both came back in. At first, when they pulled up my new xray, they both got quiet and the xray looked funny to me. I thought "Oh no! What did I do to myself?! Is it displaced?!?" lol My heart started beating faster. Then the Dr. turned around and was like, "Ok! It's healing!" LOL Thank goodness! What a relief!

I asked the Nurse Practitioner about running again. He kinda discouraged me from running altogether which I can understand, he's an Ortho, they don't like you to do things that hurt your joints and stuff but still. What else does he want from me? To become a couch potato?! NO sir! lol He pretty much told me I was "too old" for all of this "softball stuff". He said I'm going to get myself seriously injured. Um really?! Then he said I don't need to be running marathons either cause all I'm going to do is hurt myself. For one, I don't plan on running Full Marathons for forever. I want to do one just to say I did it. After that, I'll do a half or 2 a year. For two, what right does he have to tell me not to do my healthy activity?! Does he want me to just lie on the couch and become a blob!? lol He did tell me that if I absolutely had to run (um duh hello I'm already registered for a half in October!) that I need to start off by walking. Do that for a few days...if no pain, then increase to jogging lightly for a quarter mile. After that, if I still have no pain, increase to half a mile, etc. He said just build up slow. I definitely will do that. I knew that already. I don't want to reinjure this thing or have it not heal properly! As he was leaving, he told me I have a "lot of life in my years" and I need to take it easy. lol Whatever. I never thought I was "taking it too hard"! lol

After all of that, I stopped at Starbucks for one of these babies...

A perfect afternoon pick me up! What was even better...I used a giftcard to pay for it! lol


  1. OMG I can't believe he told you you're too old for softball and shouldn't run marathons! UGH! I once had a Dr tell me the human body wasn't made to run more than 8 mi at a time. Umm ok. Then I found a Dr who's a marathon runner and he doesn't spew opinions like that.

    I think your plan is great. Gradually increase your activity and see how you do. Only you know your body! Good luck. So glad you're healing :)

  2. I can not believe he told you that! That is so horrible! I guess I can understand that since my brother has said the same stuff, but would you rather not exercise and become a couch patato or be healthy and alive!!!! It is just a broken foot, that can heal in time! haha


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