Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

Look how cool!!!!

Here's a few instructions that came with it:

1.Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2.Share 6 (or 7) things about yourself.
3.Pass this award to bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!
4.Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

My award comes from my friend Heather over at Running With Sass! Go check out her blog! She's a great friend and a good running buddy! Hehe!

Ok, here are a few things about myself:

1.) I love to scrapbook! I am kind of behind but I'm working on catching up! Right now, I'm on my races scrapbook. Also working on finishing up our Astros games scrapbook!

2.) I am SCARED to death of BRIDGES! Aaaah!! Seriously...especially the ones with the huge supports at the top! Oh my gosh it took me FOREVER to drive to New Orleans by myself because of that scaaaaaaaary Baton Rouge bridge (I did it for the first time in 2008 to meet up with Heather...so Heather, you know you're a good friend! lol)! That thing is soooo huge! I still don't like to drive it!!! lol Today I rode with our Dr. to another hospital for a conference and we had to drive over this awful bridge in my town. It's ok if we are driving but guess what? All my luck...traffic was STOPPED on the bridge. It was terrible because I could feel the bridge moving and we were WAY high up! Soooo scary!!! I think my fear is from a dream I had when I was little that I was riding to New Orleans with my grandparents and we were on top of one of those bridges and there was a HOLE in the bridge and we almost fell through. Scar(r)ed me for life! lol

3.) Speaking of scars, I have a scar on the top left corner of my forehead. It's from when I was 5 years old. I was playing on a bouncy horse and I flew over the top of the horse and my head landed on a porcelin cat's ear. Broke the ear! Didn't break my head but it sure did bleed a lot and I have a forever scar there!

4.) I would love to be a full time Wedding Planner/Photographer but the stress is too much for me! Go figure...I'm a nurse and I think wedding stress is too much! lol I love love love weddings!!! Here recently, I've started to feel like the girl in 27 dresses except I'm married! lol I have THREE weddings coming up...two of which, I'm the Matron of Honor! By the end of all of this, I will have been in 8 weddings total! lol

5.) I love doggies and wish I could save them all. I HATE going to Pets Mart on adopt days becuase I want to bring them all home with me. I always go into the store crying. So no Pets Mart/Petco on Saturdays for me!! lol

6.) I want to tour Europe one day. All of the history there fascinates me!

7.) If I could work anywhere in the world (besides Disney World or the Disney Store, of course) it would be Hobby Lobby. I can't work there though because my ENTIRE pay check would go to buying stuff in the store with my employee discount for myself! Baaaaaad!!! lol

I'm going to share this award with two people!
MJ at Girl Running
Cassie at I Know She's There...

Thanks again, Heather!


Yesterday, I walked 2 miles with Maddie and Jason. Guess what? I have SHIN SPLINTS today! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? So I see that getting back into this running thing is going to be painful. Great. Just freakin great. Thanks oh so very much boy-who-can't-throw-a-softball-to-the-right-person. I still feel the pain a little when I sit funny and yesterday I tried to put on a pair of narrow tennis shoes and that hurt. I'll officially be 4 weeks out on Thursday. That's when I was told I could start trying to slowly run again. Our running group also starts up marathon training on Saturday so I'll be out there for that. I'm not going to go far or do too much...I'll start out slow with low mileage and see how I feel.

As for this week, it's my Grandpa's 90th birthday on Thursday! We are throwing him a big surprise bash on Saturday! Can't wait! On top of all that, we have family coming in for his birthday so I have to clean my house (that's tonight) and we are leaving for North Carolina on Sunday so I have to pack for that. I'm going to NC with my mom ... it's something for work for her. My dad was gonna go but he can't get off so I'm going. It's going to be lovely...we won't have a car so I'll get to sit at the hotel and sleep alllllll day if I want. I can workout in their fitness center (I checked on it...it's a nice one and a nice hotel), or I can swim/lay out at the pool. I can't wait to relax!! Then in the afternoon/nights, we'll get to explore the town! Yay! We have family there so we'll get to see them. I'm super excited!

Ok I'm off to clean now! Have a lovely day!!! :0)


  1. oops. sorry about the going over bridges thing lol!! you did ok going over lake ponchartrain!

  2. I get sad on adoption days at Petsmart too! I always forget though and run in for something and then get all caught up in the cuteness!


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