Friday, July 16, 2010

Calorie Burn!

Here I am, sitting at the hotel waiting on the bus to take us to the airport! The first guy who I tried to set up a time with told me they would take us to the airport and we'd arrive 50 minutes before our plane was set to take off. OK NO! That made me incredibly nervous! Ever since missing my plane in Orlando in January because of Security, I'm all about arriving WAY ahead of time!!! lol So my mom talked to someone else who will take us to the airport about 2 hours before our plane! Thank you! lol

So in my sitting and reading, I came across this paragraph. A while back, I tried to argue this point with someone who pretty much "knows it all" even though they had only been running for a few weeks and I had a year + under my belt. I was told that this concept was dumb and I was wrong. Ok mister (or miss) know it you go!

This is an exerpt from Marathon The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon:

Scientifically Speaking
Calorie Burn

"This varies from runner to runner and depends on size and metabolism, but most of us burn 100 CALORIES FOR EVERY MILE we run. Burn 3,600 calories by running 36 miles and you will lose 1 pound. But it doesn't matter how fast you run those miles. You can even walk and burn nearly the same number of calories per mile. Scientists quibble over the precise numbers, but calorie loss is related to foot-pounds: the amount of effort (that's energy) it takes to push a body of a specific weight forward. You can run a 5 min mile or a 10 min mile (or walk a mile), and you'll still burn approximately 100 calories for covering the identical distance."

Now. I feel better. Thank you. lol


  1. You have made me curious as to who you are talking about! I hope not me, because I remember talking to you about this, but I don't remember when or what for. haha

  2. AMEN! I HATE when people are posting their workout "stats" from a treadmill or garmin or something and say "I ran 5 miles and burnes 856 calories" you didn't!!

  3. I thought so!! Good to know though!! haha

  4. Heather! I know!! That makes me crazy! I was just trying to help the person and I got totally shut down cause apparently, I was wrong. Grrr! lol


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