Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last day in NC!

Sadly, we say goodbye to beautiful North Caorlina tomorrow! I've definitely enjoyed my lazy, sleepy time here! I've slept almost 10-12 hours a night and thoroughly enjoyed myself being lazy, playing on the internet, sightseeing, etc. I sound like such a lazy blob but if you even knew how hectic my life is at home, you'd think differently! lol

Speaking of lazy blob, look at our candy drawer in our hotel room! lol

My mom brought half of this stuff back from her training classes! I think it's funny cause if someone opened that drawer, they would think a bunch of chunky monkeys are staying here!! lol Funny thing is, that's been in there all week and we've eaten maybe 1/3 of it! Ah well!

Wednesday night, my mom's company took us out to eat! We were standing at the door waiting on our ride when TWO limos pulled up! Woohoo! Riding in style, baby!

My mom and I in the limo on the way to dinner! They took us to a place called the Angus Barn. Apparently, it's the best steak house on the East Coast! One of their chefs was on Iron Chef American and won! I got the Filet and I would have to say it was pretty awesome!!

This is where we ate!

Me in the limo on the way back!

This morning, I woke up and I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill. Someone who was in the fitness center before me had the TV on House. Well, being a medical professional, I hate all medical shows. ER, House, Grey's...I don't watch them. This episode of House though had me so intruged, I was only supposed to run 3 miles but I ended up doing 3.5 cause I was so caught up in the show! LOL That never happens but I thought it was awesome and I wish it happened more often! Haha!

After my run, I got ready so I could visit with my cousin who lives here in town. Well, I got an e-mail from her saying she had to go to the ER r/t some complications from a recent surgery! :0( When my mom got back to the hotel after her classes, one of her classmates offered her husband to drive us to the hospital so he did which was SO nice! We were able to visit with my cousin and her mom and then after she was discharged, we went back to their house to visit a little longer! Best thing of all, my cousin and I are so much alike! We are both in love with Disney and growing up, we were huge NSYNC fans! Lol So we had a lot to talk about!! :0)

This is my cousin and I! :0) We had a great visit, I wish it could have been longer! Can't wait to see them again!!


  1. Your trip sounds like a blast! We all need time to just relax and not deal with the daily stresses :)

    I hope your cousin is doing much better!

  2. Glad you got to see your cousin and that she is doing good! I know ya'll hardly ever get to see them, so I am glad ya'll could spend time with them!


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