Sunday, July 4, 2010

One on the Run

I do have something interesting to blog about, but before that, I'll update on my 2010 Spring Season stats!


5K's run:
February 2010-Make Your Heart Race: 28:14
March 2010-Free to Breathe: 28:09
April 2010-CadeMan Benefit Run: Race Untimed
April 2010-Courier du Festival: 27:35 (PR)
May 2010-The Gusher: 26:35 (Not a true 5K)
May 2010-Athletes Corner 3 Miler: 29:28 (Very HOT race!)
May 2010-Astros Race for the Pennant: 33:44 (VERY HILLY race! lol)


8K's run:
May 2010: Contraband Days 5 Miler: 48:08 (PR)


Half Marathons run:
January 2010-Walt Disney World Half: 2:56:09
February 2010-New Orleans Rock and Roll Half: 2:28:07 (PR)


I had fun! I met one of the two of my goals..
1.) Break 27:59!
2.) Place in my age group (did not meet)

There's always next season!!!


Now onto my "real post"!

One on the Run. Have you heard of it? It's a lady named Helene Neville. She was diagnosed in 1998 with Hodgkin's disease. She battled with this disease for five years along with 3 brain surgeries! She was told that she had months to live, so what did she do? She trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon! Now, after 12 years and with 25 marathons under her belt, she's still running, only this time, she's running across the country!

The coolest thing about it is she's a NURSE! She's running something called "One on the Run". It's a 2,520 mile run she started on May 1 in Ocean Beach, California. Now, she's made it to my town in Louisiana, and she'll end her run on August 1 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida! She's running along I-10 where she averages 30 miles per day and stays in RV parks at night! (She has a crew who travels with her, but she does all the running by herself!) Her purpose for doing this run?
1.) To advocate healthful living to nurses
2.) To promote her book "Nurses in Shape"
3.) Raise money for St. Francis deSales Elemen. School in Penn (for disadvantaged children)

When she was still under treatments, she would run the 10 miles to her Doctors appointments and she ran the 2000 Houston Marathon with a PICC line in her arm!

If she finishes (who am I kidding?) WHEN she finishes her run on August 1, she will be the first woman ever to finish the southern cross-country route and the only woman to complete it in the summer! That's pretty hard core!!

Helene spoke at our Hospital on Thursday! She had lots of stories and is very passionate about life! I (unfortunately) had my stupid foot check up so I had to miss her speak!

My Dad heard her speak and took pity on me! lol He got her book and tshirt for me!

That afternoon, our running coach and a couple of our Go Run members got to run with her!

Moral of the story? Don't let your situations determine how fit you are physically! If you put your mind to it, you can DO it!!! :0) Keep up the amazing work, Helene!!!


  1. what a great story, love it! how cool!

  2. That is so awesome! There is another women with the similar situtation but a little different. I was contemplating writing a blog about her. She just ran through beaumont the the other day!

    So cool though!

  3. btw I gave you an award!

  4. First of all, congrats for meeting one of your goals. I am sure you'll meet the other one soon after you're healed.
    How awesome is that woman? I bet you're so bummed you didn't get to hear her speak. That was nice of your dad to go though. I love inspiring stories like that!

  5. Ummm wow, she sounds like such an amazing woman!


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