Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here in South West Louisiana, we have our very fair share of humidity! It's been a rough summer for running outside! I say that but I've skipped about 5 weeks of running outside because of my foot! I love fall weather when it's cooler outside and you can do you REAL pace without getting to outdone! This morning, I checked the temps before I ran....80% humidity, 82 degrees (feels like 89) and I got EXCITED! We are almost always at 90% humidity or above...100% and much hotter outside! The sun was thankfully behind a cloud my entire run and it made for a nice run! I am unfortunately drenched right now! lol Oh well! I did 3 miles this morning by the way!

Yesterday, we had our Annual Girls Sleepover at my church. I'm the coordinator of the program so I've had week getting everything together and last minute ideas. Why is it that all the GOOD ideas come at the last minute?? lol Anyway, our theme was "Shine Like Stars" and I kinda gave it a Hollywood twist! We had a red carpet and everything! So much fun! I'll post a few pictures later! In saying all that, I didn't get to actually go to sleep until about 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. We woke up about 7 a.m. and all the kids were gone by 8 a.m. I finished cleaning up, then made my way home to run. I missed running with my group this weekend...oh well! I got home and did 4 miles and then I took a shower, played on the internet till about 11 a.m., then I went back to bed and slept until 3 p.m.!!! I'm getting too old for all of this "sleepover" stuff! lol It was worth it though and we had a blast!

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday! I'm going to shower and then go to church! :0)


  1. Yay for lower humidity! Isn't it crazy how hot this summer has been? I did an awesome speed workout outside a few weeks ago b/c it was only 88. Great job on the runs and glad your sleepover was fun :)

  2. I am WAY too old for sleepover stuff! it sounds cute though!

    I hear ya on humidity. I ran last night and it was ALMOST plesant, than we ran today, and ouch it was like swimming!

  3. The sleepover sounds like fun!

    And I know what you mean about the humidy-it's miserable!


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