Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Disney World in February Take 2

Thanks so  much for all of the Anniversary wishes yesterday! We  celebrated over breakfast because both Jason and I are working different schedules at the moment. We do plan on going out for dinner sometime within the next few weeks but nothing is set in stone yet. Guess we’ll see! :0)


My last Disney World recap left off at the night of the 5K in Epcot.

The following morning, I ran the Enchanted 10K and Jason came out to cheer me on (yes, at o-dark-thirty – he’s such a good sport)! After the race was complete, we went back to our rooms to shower and Jason fell asleep (can’t say that I blame him). He decided to sleep a few extra hours and would then meet my parents and I at Hollywood Studios at noon.

My parents and I decided to have a bit of morning fun in Epcot. We didn’t have a chance to check out World Showcase the night before and that’s what we wanted to see. Our first stop was Club Cool with the new “coke” flavors (in the south, if it comes out of a “coke/soda” fountain, it’s a coke). :0)

Disney World (2)

I really enjoyed the new Fanta flavors and have even seen the pineapple one in a local store (canned)!  My dad was insistent he never tried the Beverly – so being the lovely daughter I am, I handed him a glass. His expression was hilarious! That might have been kind of mean. Whoops.

Disney World (3)

See how empty China was? Norway was a completely different story. The line for Anna and Elsa was enormous. When I returned home and read reports of the line begin 5+ hours at times, I believed it!

Disney World (4)

No trip to WDW (or Epcot for that matter) is complete for me without a traditional picture in Germany.

After passing Germany, my mom began searching for her long lost tooth. Yes, she did. We knew she wouldn’t find it but helped her anyway. Poor tooth.

Somewhere around the American Adventure, we bumped into Heather and her family. After talking for a few minutes, we continued on to the International Gateway.

Disney World (6)

I told my parents that the walk to Hollywood Studios “isn’t that far”, so they agreed to walk. I think Marathon brain hit me upside the head because guess what? It was further than I remembered….by a lot. Ninety percent of the time I’ve been on that path has been while running so the distance seemed a lot shorter. “It isn’t that far” became our new joke for the trip. Thankfully they were good sports about the whole thing!

Disney World (7)

Our fast passes began in Hollywood Studios in the afternoon, so we met up with Jason and rode several rides – including Tower of Terror (which I hate, by the way). Not sure how they talked me into that one. My parent’s also hadn’t experienced the new Star Tours and they loved it!

My dad, Jason & I got in the single rider line for Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and I guess it’s hit or miss, but we were in line for forever. We honestly didn’t save much time by taking that route vs the regular standby line. Oh well…lesson learned.

Disney World (8)

Another trip traditional picture – with “Karen” in One Man’s Dream! :D

As we entered the fastpass line for Toy Story, I couldn’t help but laugh…..

Disney World (9)

…my mom might have gotten a new nickname…"Scooter” (related to her 5K incident)!

We had fun on Toy Story, then said goodbye to Hollywood Studios. After boarding a bus to Wilderness Lodge, we met up with Heather and her family to take a boat to Fort Wilderness for dinner.

Disney World (11)

This was the first time our dads were able to meet and I think they talked more than the rest of us! We had a great dinner and loved hanging out with them.


Love the buffet at Trails End. If you ever have the chance, go! It’s delicious – and they make their own homemade sweet tea….yummm!

After dinner, we spent a few hours walking around Downtown Disney (party animals, right)? Disney trips don’t usually involve sleep for me. :0)

The following day, I ran the Princess Half and my family was there to spectate and cheer runners on. After cleaning up, we spent the rest of the day in the Magic Kingdom!

Disney World (12)

We arrived just in time to see the ending of the morning parade!

Disney World (13)

Disney World (14)

Lunch reservations were for the Crystal Palace with friends.

Disney World (15)

Piglet is too cute. I asked if he ran the race that morning and he gestured that he was sleeping.


I somehow convince the boys that they needed to take a picture with Tigger!

Disney World (16)

This picture made me laugh because I have NO clue what I was doing!! Who knows!

Disney World (17)

We rode several rides and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon spent with friends. The park was open until 1 a.m. and I had every intention of staying until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer.

Disney World (18)

Since I missed Snow White during the race that morning, I wanted to find her before leaving the parks.

Disney World (19)

Mission accomplished!

Disney World

Wishes is a favorite for our family – we try not to miss it!  

Disney World (22)

After the fireworks, we walked around New Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Adventureland before finally calling it a night around midnight.

The following morning, we checked out of our resort and boarded a bus for the Port terminal.

Disney World (21)

On our way out, I met Kimberly! She stopped me because she is a blog reader and wanted to say hi! Hi Kimberly!!

Disney World (20)

This was my breakfast the morning of the cruise. I purchased it a few nights before in Downtown Disney and forgot to eat it. Since fresh fruit is not allowed on the Cruise Line, I had to eat it before leaving. Therefore, it became my breakfast!

Up next: A Magical Cruise! :0)

Do you have any vacation traditions?


  1. Love hearing about your time in Disney!!! Makes me wanna go right now!!! :-)

  2. Wow, looks like you had a very busy time with your family! I have a bit less energy then you and usually only do one park a day and then I'm ready for bed...lol
    I have yet to go on Toy Story mania at DHS. Maybe one day the line will be tolerable! Can't wait to hear about your cruise!

    1. Haha I hear you! I'm usually exhausted when we get back from "vacation"!
      TSM is so much fun! We've gotten in line at night right before HS was about to close and their was only about a 30 min wait. It was really neat walking out of an empty park!

  3. You had such a great trip and made so many memories. I think it is hilarious you ate a candy apple for breakfast!

    1. I know, right?! I couldn't let it go to waste!

  4. I love hearing about your Disney trip and special memories. Your mom lost her tooth??? Poor dear!

    1. Ooooh yes, we spent most of our Friday afternoon in Celebration, having it rebuilt. It happened during the 5K. Poor thing. :0(

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip!! Again, your photos turned out perfect! I know you said you had a good camera with you, but is anyone in your family a photographer??

    Chocolate for breakfast is always a good idea! :0)

    1. I'm sort of an amateur photographer! :0) I've done a handful of weddings, seniors, bridals, families, etc. I also took a class in college as my fine arts elective. Thank you for the compliments!

  6. Love all your pictures! It's always fun to relive a Disney trip; enjoying your recaps! Can't wait to hear about the cruise! :)

  7. Love all your photos, makes me super jealous. I was only at Disneyland two weeks ago but seems like ages ago now, plus havent been to Disneyworld in around 8 years :(

    1. I say it's definitely time for a trip! :D Love Disneyland, too!

  8. Sounds like an amazing trip. Makes me want to go back.


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