Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Décor 2014

Holidays are something I absolutely love decorating for in my home. A few “favorite” holidays are Christmas (of course), Fall, Valentines Day, and Spring/Easter.

With Good Friday tomorrow and Easter on Sunday, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of my home decorated for the holiday!

Easter Decorations

I purchased this wreath at Michael’s a few years back. I fell in love with the colors!

Easter Decorations 2

These bunnies are on the entry way table and great guests as the enter the front door.

Easter Decorations 3

Dining room table, complete with a bunny and chick salt/pepper shaker.

Easter Decorations 4

These guys came from Target last year.

Easter Decorations 5

The candle on the coffee table is jelly bean scented (smells delicious, by the way) and is from Kohls (the candle holder as well). The bunny was a gift from a friend a few years ago.

Easter Decorations 7

Easter Decorations 8

Love these letters over the fireplace!

Easter Decorations 12

This flower is from Hobby Lobby and stands on the side of the television.

Easter Decorations 9

Bunny Mickey is also a gift from a friend several years ago…2009, I think!

Easter Decorations 6

Aren’t these guys adorable? Someone hand crafted them and brought them to our Relay for Life silent auction last weekend. I had to have a set!

Easter Decorations 10

This Easter basket is in the living room, on the side table next to the couch. I love this as it’s a reminder of Jason’s proposal of marriage to me. :0)

Easter Decorations 11

Anniversary flowers still looking great! These are in the breakfast nook area.

Easter Decorations 13

Decorative kitchen towels – these came from Kohls last year.

Easter Decorations 14

Last but not least, I accidentally purchased this wreath last year because I forgot about the one I was already using on the front door.

Easter Decorations 15

Now I have a back door wreath, too! :0)

Are you a decorator? If so, what holidays do you decorate for?


  1. Your decor is so cute! Fall and Christmas are definitely my favorites! And I tend to use a lot of blues during the summertime because it reminds me of the ocean :0)

    I am soooo jealous you have a Thomas Kincade Disney painting! I'm hoping to get one in the next couple years!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Jason surprised me with that on our 2nd Christmas as a married couple! Love the idea of blues in the summertime!

  2. Love the wreath on your front door!!!

  3. I definitely decorate my office and I have my Easter window clings up. They've been up ever since March 18th and I was desperate for spring.

  4. If I owned a home, I'd probably decorate for the different holidays. The most I do now is a Christmas tree and I put the flag out on national holidays. I just don't have room to store a bunch of stuff in the off-season.

  5. Your Easter decorations are so cute! We have a few out but I didn't put as many out this year as I normally do. We usually have friends and family over on Easter for lunch but this year we are having it at my sister-in-law's new house so I didn't decorate as much.

    1. I understand completely, Mindy! Glad you had a great Easter!! :0)

  6. This has made me realize I have very few Easter decorations! Your house looks fantastic and all ready for Spring! I don't really know what color that first wreath is suppose to be but on my phone it looks like chocolate eggs and is making me very hungry!

    1. Haha - those are brown and pink eggs so yes, chocolate eggs are definitely an option! :D

  7. So cute! You do a great job decorating - love that little Mickey Easter Bunny :)

  8. So freaking cute! I'm too lazy to decorate my house all the time :p

  9. I'm a decorator, but this year with everything being so cold I got more decor for Spring and Summer!! I'm ready for warm weather!!!

    1. I bet your decorations are cute! Can't wait to see!! :0)

  10. So cute, I am the worst about decorating.

  11. Yay someone else who decorates for Easter!! :) I love decorating for Easter but it doesn't seem to be a popular thing to do over here. I only found one shop this year that sold decorations, but sadly none as pretty as yours. I love your wreaths, towels and salt and pepper shakers!! :)


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