Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Disney World in February

Last month – oh wait, it’s April now -  try again…

At the end of February (that’s better) my family and I travelled to Orlando, Florida for the Princess Half Marathon weekend and we coupled our trip with a Disney Cruise.

Here’s a few pictures of our land adventures which will be followed up by lots of cruise fun!

1 Magical Express

After we arrived at the Magical Express Transportation Check-In, we were greeted with short lines (score) AND we snagged a spot on the very front row of the bus (that’s never happened before)!

2 Disney World Sign

The best sign, ever!

3 Port Orleans Riverside

The land portion of our trip was spent at Port Orleans Riverside. This resort holds a very dear place in my heart because it’s where Jason and I stayed for our honeymoon! We were placed in Alligator Bayou for the first time and although the area is beautiful, we didn’t like being in the very back corner of the resort. Next time, I’ll know to request a closer building.

4 Earl of Sandwich

We dropped off our luggage and headed to Downtown Disney for lunch!

5 Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich? You don’t have to ask me twice!

After Downtown Disney, we visited the Expo and spent several hours looking around. Our dinner reservations were for 8 that evening at Ohana, so we were able to catch a bus from the Expo to the Polynesian.

6 Ohana Dinner

Hands down my favorite part of Ohana dinner? This beauty!

On Friday morning, we all ran/walked the 5K and my mom had that crazy incident with her tooth. The remainder of our morning/afternoon was spent in Celebration and I enjoyed walking around the town for the first time. Celebration is such a beautiful, peaceful area – we loved the downtown shops and café.

7 Polynesian Flower

During the afternoon, I attended the Runners Love meet-up at the Polynesian. It was great to meet so many ladies I’ve talked to on twitter/facebook but never actually met in person!

Here’s where my family played an awful trick on me…kind of like “April Fools” but in February.

I received a text from Jason’s friend while at the meet-up, telling me that my mom’s tooth had to be pulled. There wasn’t enough tooth to work with, so they pulled it completely. The text also said that my mom was very upset and didn’t want to talk about it, all she wanted to do was go to her room and stay there. I bought it. Hook, line, and sinker. Immediately, I began texting my friends to pray for my mom. Heather’s mom was worried and upset for my mom all afternoon. As soon as I knew that my family was at Epcot, I left the meet-up to catch up with them there. They were waiting in line for Soarin (we had fast passes) and as I approached my mom, she was holding her hand over her mouth. I asked if they had to do anything to her lip and that’s when she pulled her hand away, revealing a brand new tooth. Needless to say, I was livid. I could NOT believe they thought that was funny.  Writing all of this now, I’m laughing – at the time, not so much. Thankfully, the serenity of Soarin helped calm me down, but I still let Jason’s friend know exactly how I felt when we met back up with him outside. I couldn’t believe my family went along with it all. Now I know to think twice when something doesn’t sound all that believable! As for Heather’s mom? She was mad at Jason and let him know it the next morning before the 10K! Hah!!

8 Garden Grill Mickey

After Soarin, we ate dinner at the Garden Grill.

9 Garden Grill Pluto

10 Epcot Spaceship Earth

We had a few hours to burn before Illuminations, so we rode Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and the boat ride through Mexico.

11 Epcot Mexico

The inside of the Mexico Pavilion is a favorite of mine!

Even though it was late, we snagged a spot on the bridge near Mexico to watch Illuminations.

12 Illuminations

Despite the building in the way, we were able to see most of the show and really enjoyed it! This is second to Wishes as my favorite nighttime show!

13 Illuminations14 Illuminations

After Illuminations, we made our way back to the hotel – another early morning was ahead for the Enchanted 10K!

If you’re interested in reading about the races, click on the runDisney tab at the top of the screen.

What’s the worst prank your family has ever played on you? Watch out! Today is April Fools day!!


  1. POR is a favorite of ours too! We stayed there for a portion of our wedding trip too! Ugg, that was not a nice trick they played on you. My family is not all that creative so I can't really say that they've ever played a trick on me. Enjoy your April and watch out for those "Tricksters" today!

    1. It's such a beautiful resort! No, their trick was not nice at all - thankfully, they haven't pulled anything on me today!!

  2. I hate that prank they played on you.....not very funny! I am very gullible so there have been many pranks played on me, but I can't recall a single one at the moment.

  3. I think Jason deserves a little 'April Fools' prank back, don't you?! :0)

    Great photos, especially of the fireworks! Did you have a professional camera with you?

    Note to self: Try that bread pudding in November - my mouth is watering sooo much right now lol!

    1. I couldn't agree more!! :D I'll have to think of something good!! Thanks, Lauren - yes, I had a D90 SLR with me. The bread pudding is SO worth it!!

  4. my poor mom was so mad at him haha. She felt so so bad for your mom!

  5. That's so mean! I would have been livid as well! Not cool family, not cool. Glad the rest of the day was awesome though! :)

  6. OH I would have been mad at that too! My hubby pulled one on me yesterday! He's been having a noise in his ear the past few days so he went to the doctor yesterday. After his appointment he called and said he had bad news....he said there was a worm living in his ear! I freaked out!!! But then he started laughing and told me he was kidding. It was actually just a hair rubbing on his eardrum. I was so mad at him lol!

    1. Oh my goodness I would have fallen for that one too!! Hahah!

  7. Can't wait to hear all about your Disney cruise...we are looking into maybe trying out a Disney cruise sometime this fall!

  8. Aw, fun! Love that you're recapping your Disney adventures...it's never too late to relive the magic. :) Sorry your family tricked you -- so mean! Haha.

  9. The more I read trip reports from Walt Disney World, the more I wished I lived closer so I could go more often. Oh well, I'll just have to settle for living 45 minutes from Disneyland.

    By the way, my wife and I also stayed at Port Orleans Riverside on our honeymoon.

    1. Awww that's too cool! What a great resort!! :D You're lucky though, you live in the place where it all began!


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