Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Improvements: Flower Beds

Over the past several days, we’ve been graced with blue skies and gorgeous weather. One of my favorite parts about Spring is new growth and the feeling of a fresh start – perfect time for pulling weeds, planting flowers, and sprucing up the flower beds, right? 

The best part? Most of these plants were already in place and grew back, even after the hard freeze(s) we had over the Winter! Yay!



For starters, I pulled weeds until I was blue in the face. They were everywhere and taunted me for what felt like days. (I despise weeds.) Thankfully, they are mostly gone now. Whew.


Spring Flower Bed 2

I’m very happy with the final product! :0)

Spring Flower Bed

Spring Flower Bed 3

Go Tigers! :p

Spring Flower Bed 5

Gerber daisies are a favorite!

Spring Flower Bed 7

This will be filled with some sort of greenery soon. I planted airplane grass in there last year and will do so again this time around (I think).

Spring Flower Bed 8

No Southern home is complete without an Azalea bush or two! :0)

Spring Flower Bed 6

The main bed. (There IS a large plant in the back corner – it’s in the process of growing back after the Winter freeze.)

Spring Flower Bed 9

All done!

We also changed the mulch of the beds from red to black.

Overall, I’m happy with the updates and although they took a bit of physical work, they didn’t require a lot of outside new plants because so many plants grew back after last year. The plants I did purchase were from Lowes in the clearance area. In my experience, a lot of the plants in that clearance area just require a little bit of TLC. For example, the flowers in the “LSU Tiger” area were from Lowe’s clearance area and look how pretty they are! Also, the Gerber daisies from above were in the clearance area as well.

I love finding something that was left to die and watching it bloom to life – that’s my favorite part of the whole process. Check out the clearance area next time you’re in your local garden store – it might surprise you! (There’s your tidbit of advice for the day!) :0)

Do you enjoy gardening/planting flowers?


  1. I love Gerber daisies too. Your garden looks great Karen! We bought herbs, tomato and pepper plants that will go in the ground this weekend. It is always very satisfying to completely transform a garden.

    1. Thanks, Pam! I would love to have an official garden with veggies and herbs - hopefully someday!

  2. Your garden looks gorgeous! I can't wait to own a house someday and plant my own garden. I will absolutely take your advice and check out the Lowe's clearance section (I love a good deal) for different flowers/plants when that time comes!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I love planting - it's the keeping alive part I sometimes have trouble with. It's getting better, though! :0)

  3. All I have to say is yay for spring! My aunt has started her garden in Colorado and she's planted so much.

    1. Yes, you're right about that - so glad Spring weather is finally here!

  4. Everything looks beautiful Karen! What is airplane grass? My husband is the one who likes to plant things, but i'd rather not because I know that I won't take care of them ( just being

    1. Airplane grass must also be called something else because I can't find it in google. time I see it at a store, I'll have to pay attention! I hear you on the not taking care of plants - I used to kill everything I tried to plant (by accident of course). It's gotten better over the years! :0)

  5. They look great! I love gerber daisies too. They usually do a good job of coming back for me year after year!

  6. I can't grow flowers to save my life!!! But yours are beautiful!!!

  7. Your garden looks awesome! I love it. We are suppose to be getting snow Monday, so no gardening here, but I'll gladly enjoy your pictures!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Oh gosh not snow again! I'm sorry Spring has been taking its sweet little time.

  8. You'll need to choose whether or not you wish to plant annuals or perennials in your garden, or a mixture of each. Annuals, like snapdragons, zinnias, and alternative flowers grow, bloom, and vanish in one season.


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