Wednesday, April 23, 2014

“The Shadows”…and Its Secrets…

Deep in the heart of Cajun Country lies a plantation home named Shadows on the Teche. Commonly known as “The Shadows”, this home is full of history and beauty.

Shadows on the Teche (3)

Built between 1831-1834, this home was once owned by a family who produced and sold sugar cane. Now, this home is owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation – the first in the Gulf Coast!

What brought me to this home? Well…back in the late 90’s, my family and I took a vacation one summer where we toured plantation homes, visited the capitol, etc. While researching plantation homes to visit on our vacation, I discovered a brochure for a home in New Iberia and the brochure made this home sound very intriguing. When the home was being restored, trunk after trunk of home information, letters, and secrets were found in the home’s attic. I kept the idea of visiting this home tucked in the back of my mind, just incase I ever made my way through New Iberia.

Finally, I got my wish! 

(Keep reading, this is one secret you won’t want to miss!)

Shadows on the Teche (9) 

The Shadows is nestled among an array of azalea and camellia bushes, all blooming with life, color, and fragrance.

Shadows on the Teche (4)Shadows on the Teche (5)Shadows on the Teche (6)

Named “Shadows on the Teche” because of it’s proximity to Bayou Teche – the bayou is practically in the backyard!

See that muddy brown water? That’s life here in Southwest Louisiana – hence the reason I don’t often visit “the beach”.

Shadows on the Teche (7)Shadows on the Teche (2)

My favorite secret of the home is one I discovered on the tour that very day. While touring the home, we stopped in an art room – this room belonged to the final owner of the home and the last one in the family line (named Weeks). His wish was to preserve this home and keep the history alive. In the process, he invited famous icons to visit his home and place their mark on a door inside the home.

I browsed over the names and didn’t see many that I recognized, until our tour guide pointed out a name that was right at my height level. An inscription that read:

To “Weeks”
The Best Friend A House Ever Had
Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney

To say my heart stopped for a few seconds is an understatement. Walt Disney! THE Walt Disney…had stood in the very spot I was now standing…and in a tiny old Cajun town like New Iberia?! Shut the front door. No, really…I was awestruck.


Photos and video were not allowed inside the home – instead, I must have stared at this inscription the remainder of our time in that room. Incase it wasn’t “out there” on the internet, I wanted to remember it and truly commit it to my memory. Thankfully, I found this inscription easily and am now able to share it with you! :0)

Shadows on the Teche (8)

Following the tour, I wandered around the grounds for a little while then continued on my way. I definitely left this home on a high note and completely enjoyed my visit. If you are a Disney fan and love Disney history…or if you are a history buff at all, this is a great place to visit, I highly recommend it!

Tell me a little history about the area you live! Any fun places to visit and see?


  1. So cool!! This totally gave me goosebumps... being where Walt Disney has been (besides Disney World of course) is just too cool!

  2. That looks like such an awesome place to go, and Walt just makes it even better!

  3. That's so cool! I'm a sucker for beautiful architecture, throw disney in there and I'm in heaven!

  4. That's so awesome Walt Disney was there!!! I love visiting historic places. Our favorites are the Forts around our areas! My boys love them!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful home! How cool it must have been to stand where Disney had once stood! Just think, when you run the parks you are standing/running where he stood once also!

    By the way, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award in my last blog post!

  6. That is cool. You live in such a beautiful place. I had to look twice at the picture with the muddy water. I thought it was just a field. History about my town: it was the home of Chef Boyardee. Have you heard of him? His food plant is in our town and employees a ton of people in the area ( although it is not called Chef Boyardee anymore. It was bought by Con Agra. The Boyardee Mansion is still in town as are many of his relatives.

  7. I love that Walt Disney was there! I must visit someday. Glad you were able to find a picture. I would have been so tempted to snap a picture even though they said no. I'm
    Bad like that sometimes. I would not be allowed back ;)

  8. I love old houses and learning about their history. My sister has an old house, but it isn't that cool and is a lot of work, they had wasps nesting in the wall when they moved in and ants in the walls.


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