Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recipe–Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Lately, I’ve jumped back into an “adventurous” stage when it comes to cooking. For example, I made my very first roast on Monday night. It was incredibly delicious, one I will make again, and one I plan to share with you guys in the coming weeks.

Another delicious meal I discovered was Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breasts.

When I first begin my search for a new recipe, I always check out the ingredient list first. If it contains high carb or high fat ingredients, I usually skip it (unless it’s cookies….mhmmm cookies). This rings true for Feta cheese, too. I’m a cheese lover, but not a blue/gorgonzola/feta cheese fan.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this gem and not only decided to purchase the ingredients, but to cook it…and ENJOY it! What?! So much so in fact, I just had to share!

7 - Mediterranean Sutffed Chicken Title

Without further ado, I bring you:

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Adapted from:


  • 4 chicken breasts (thawed)
  • 3 tbsp crumbled feta cheese
  • 3 tbsp chopped and pitted kalamata olives
  • 1 tbsp ground basil
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup mixed peppers


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and oil baking dish (I used coconut oil again).

Thaw chicken breasts. On the stovetop, melt coconut oil and cook peppers until slightly brown.

Mix together feta cheese, olives, and basil in a small side dish.

Once chicken has thawed, cut a “pocket” slit into each chicken breast. Stuff each chicken breast with peppers and feta mixture.

Place all four chicken breasts in baking dish and sprinkle with desired spices. I used onion powder, garlic powder, and Cajun seasoning.

Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. If chicken isn’t cooked through, may need additional baking time.

Serve and enjoy!

1 - Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken


2 - Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Browning peppers on the stove

3 - Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Feta cheese/olives/basil mixture

4 - Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Pocket/slit in the chicken breast for stuffing

5 - Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Ready for baking!

6 -Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Dish is ready when juices run clear.

7- Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Serve and enjoy!

Have you tried any new dishes lately? Anything surprise you - maybe something you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up enjoying?


  1. This looks amazing! I can't say that I've made anything new lately. Maybe this summer I will become more adventurous with my cooking!

    1. I understand that feeling - sometimes I get in a rut. I do enjoy cooking, though! :0)

  2. Wow! That looks delicious!!! Thanks for sharing Karen!!!

  3. That looks amazing! I def need to try it :)

  4. mmmhhhh SOUNDS SOOO GOOD!! HAHA cook you imagine Michael eating this!!! lol

    1. Take out the green peppers, then he has nothing to complain about! Haha!

  5. Totally trying this dish! My wife loves olives.

  6. I LOVE Mediterranean flavors! This recipe looks incredible - I need to try it out SOON!

  7. OMG thank you so much for posting these recipes! So convenient with my busy schedule!I really appreciate what you do here. I would love your feedback on our blog and activewear line. I think it would resonate with you. Keep up the good work!


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