Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Bark for Life of SWLA

After months of meeting, discussing, documenting, and planning, Southwest Louisiana’s first annual American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life has come and gone!

If you haven’t heard or seen me mention Bark for Life in the past few months than consider yourself lucky – it’s all I’ve been able to talk or think about lately! I was the chair for the event and was incredibly nervous about sending off a good first impression, especially since we’ve never had an event like this in our area.

Think of it as a mini Relay for Life that’s not overnight and includes dogs.

Saturday morning greeted us with humid wet weather but we didn’t let it stop us!


Our Mayor opened up our ceremonies and declared March 23 as Bark for Life day!


He presented the Proclamation to our Bark for Life survivor/dog caregiver, Erin!


As part of our event, we also had an official Survivor dog. Meet Miss Millie….she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the jaw (very rare in her small breed and young age). She had surgery to remove the tumor and went through a full course of chemotherapy at a local veterinary office! She’s a fighter and a survivor! Since completing her treatments, she’s been 5 years cancer free! Yay!


As a part of opening ceremonies, I spoke a few words about the American Cancer Society and the services they’ve offered to patients in our area over the past year.

After opening ceremonies was complete, our survivor dogs/human survivors/caregivers walked a survivor lap around the track!



I thought this puppy was too cute for words!


The first guest speaker at our event was a local vet who works at the clinic that provided chemotherapy to Miss Millie. She spoke about cancer in dogs and caring for dogs diagnosed with cancer.


Our second speaker was a local K-9 unit who demonstrated how the “bite suit” works and allowed us to meet one of the dogs of their unit.


Throughout the morning, we also had a pet/owner look alike contest, a pet talent show, and a costume contest.


These guys won 2nd place at the costume contest! Samson is 196 pounds, but is one of the most gentle dogs you will ever meet! Such a sweetie!


The first place winners of our costume contest were these two sweet Dachshunds! So adorable!!


A few members of our rock-star committee! :0)


Despite the dreary weather, we had a great morning and really enjoyed spending time with our furry friends! We are looking forward to an even better 2014 (and hope the weather cooperates next time)!!

Have you ever attended a Bark for Life event? What were your thoughts?


  1. I have never attended one (we live in a pretty rural area that doesn't usually have too many events, I'm lucky to find a 5K occasionally) but this looks like it was wonderful! I'm so glad it was successful for you guys!!

  2. How cute! I've never heard of it, but what a great cause!

  3. I nominated you as a Very Inspiring Blogger on my blog! Thanks for providing interesting and inspiring posts!

  4. This looks like an amazing event!!!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm glad everything came together!

  5. Great job Karen it looks like it was a success!

    1. Thanks Heather!! So glad everything worked out! Can't wait for next year!

  6. Oh I'm so glad it was such a success! Such an awesome idea!!!

  7. What fun! I hope was everything and more that you wanted it to be. Thank you for all the hard work you put in for such a good cause!

    1. Thanks Tabitha! The day turned out great and I enjoyed every minute of it! :0) Thanks for the lovely comment...that was very sweet of you to say! :0)

  8. What a fun event! You guys did a great job organizing lots of activities it looks like. I've never been to a Bark for Life event but I'd love to!

    1. Thanks so much! There might be an event near you! They are becoming more and more popular lately!


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