Friday, March 22, 2013

No Rest For The Weary

After a whirlwind of a week/weekend, I jumped right back into another another crazy week!

Monday night was my only “night off” this week and I watched the Biggest Loser Finale, of course! By Wednesday, I felt as if I was coming down with something (from constantly being on the go, I’m sure), so I took a three hour nap after work. I was still exhausted by bed time and on Thursday morning, I woke up two hours after my alarm clock for work! Eeek! I wasn’t late, but still….yikes. Guess I needed the sleep!

This weekend is yet another busy one - our area is hosting its very first Bark for Life event!


Have you heard of Bark For Life? It’s an American Cancer Society Canine event that helps fight back against cancer. It’s basically like a Relay For Life plus dogs that doesn’t last all night long. :0)

I attended an area wide American Cancer Society convention in Nashville last fall and that’s where I originally got the idea for Bark. I text our director and asked why we didn’t have a Bark in our area and she responded, “Cause no one has stepped up to say let’s do it!” That’s all it took and now our area is hosting it’s first annual Bark For Life! SO excited!!

Monday, I met up with a survivor friend and her puppy dog (Buddy) to tape a Health Source for our local news!


The morning started off great – my hair was straight, I was excited, etc….then I stepped out of the car. Forgot to check the humidity levels and yep, it was bad.


Before, straight. After…not so much.

I could feel my hair growing each time the wind blew. Not fun. Ah well, the clip turned out cute anyway! Being with Erin also put a lot of things in perspective for me. I had absolutely no reason to complain or worry about my hair and actually felt quite silly for thinking it. There’s more things to worry about in life than weather or not your hair stays straight. Know what I mean?

Check out our Health Source here:


I also taped a radio clip a few weeks back that’s been playing on local radio stations in the area.

This whole experience has been so surreal! I really hope everything comes together for our event this weekend. The main thing I’m praying for is NO RAIN! (At the moment, there’s a 30% chance!) It can rain after 1:30 p.m., that’s all I’m sayin! :0) If you could squeeze in a few prayers for no rain this Saturday, they would be much appreciated! (Thank you in advance!)


I also spent Monday night putting together prize packages for the Bark Talent Show, Pet/Owner Look Alike Contest, and Fashion Show! My puppies felt as though some of the items should have belonged to them and they let me know it! (I did share a bone or two with them so they didn’t feel left out.) :0)


All done! :0)


On Wednesday during our lunch break, my co-workers and I made bows and bandanas for our team tent. Aren’t they cute?


We will be selling these on Saturday at Bark. I love the froggie bandanas! :0)

Here’s my weekend schedule:
Saturday – Bark For Life (all morning/mid day)
Sister in Law’s Baby Shower (afternoon)
Leaving for Houston, TX (2 hour drive) after the shower
Sunday -
The Color Run 5K in Houston, TX

I have a problem and it’s called “I don’t like to sit still” - I’d much rather keep busy all the time! (If you couldn’t tell that already!) I’m definitely NOT complaining at all, but whew I think I need a break soon! Thank goodness Good Friday is coming up!

What are your weekend plans? Have you ever heard of Bark For Life?


  1. What an awesome event! Karen you are amazing in all you do girl! I'm praying for no rain too...I have a 10K that morning!

    1. Thanks Mindy! Sure keeps me on my toes!! I'll be praying for no rain for you as well! Best of luck to you at your 10K! :0)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Looking back, I'm glad to have the weekend behind me now!


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