Monday, March 4, 2013

Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities

Is it Monday again already? Where did the weekend go? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Saturday morning, I met up with my running group for my first run post-marathon! Kelli and I planned on 4 miles and we bundled up for the journey…it was a COLD Saturday! It also felt REALLY odd to run so “late”…errr I mean 6:30 a.m….you know, the the sun was already up.…


After our 4 miles were complete (which felt really good, by the way!), we hit up our usual Saturday morning breakfast joint.

I thoroughly enjoyed ham and cheese omelet and Melissa was officially inducted into the pancake hall of fame…


This is the biggest pancake ever made, I promise.

We finished eating, then drove over to the local running store to check out the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities that was rolling through town.


The Brooks truck hadn’t quite made it by the time we arrived, so we shopped around TriRunning for a while and made a few purchases (I bought two new pairs of running socks)! Yay!


Before long, the Brooks truck arrived and we all headed out to see their display. Similar to the Rock n Roll Expos, each person filled out a card and the barcode was scanned for prizes!


Kelli and Melissa each won an t-shirt!


I won a bandana! Why is that look on my face, you might ask? Well, it’s because I won the same exact bandana the previous weekend at the Rock n Roll NOLA Expo while every single member of my family won a t-shirt. Did you see who won t-shirts this past Saturday? Yep…every single member of my party. I must have the Brooks bandana curse!

We didn’t get to see much else because the guys were just setting up, so we all said our goodbyes and parted ways.

After visiting with my grandpaw, enjoying lunch with my husband, and taking a short nap on the couch, Jason and I decided to go back into town to run a few errands.

Guess what?


The Brooks truck was still at the running store! Yay! Shall we try this again?


This time, we made out like bandits! I received a t-shirt (finally) and Jason won a beanie! Whoop whoop!


I also had an official gait analysis performed by a Brooks professional. After filling out a waiver on an ipad, I had to take off my shoes, roll up my both legs of my jeans, then walk for 10 seconds when given the go-ahead.


I’ve never had my gait analyzed quite like this before!


I’m glad I did! The Brooks specialist evaluated the angle of my foot strike and told me that I don’t over pronate as much as I thought…actually, I only mildly over pronate. He also gave a few pointers on shoes to try. After it was all said and done, he took my email address to email the results to me.

I really enjoyed taking part and loved having my gait analyzed again (I had it analyzed once before, but not quite in this way)! Now that all of the wordage makes sense to me (vs when I was a brand new runner fitted for the first time), I feel as if I can use it to make better shoe choices in the future (he did encourage me to stick with what I’ve been using if it’s working for me). I heard a nasty rumor that Mizuno is no longer making the Wave Nirvana (my current shoe)…so, it looks as if I’ll be on the hunt for a new shoe once again! At least now I have a better idea of what to look for! :0)

Thanks, Brooks! I loved being able to take part in your Cavalcade of Curiosities! See you again soon! :0)

Have you ever had your gait analyzed? Were any fancy gadgets used while doing so?


  1. Never had my gait analyzed. I'm sure it's majorly messed up though. hahahaha. I guess i don't really want to know how bad it is!!

    Good job on the wins!

  2. Love your running pics!

  3. I hope they come to Montana. I have to admit I laughed at the bandana curse.. that would be my luck too, glad you finally got a t shirt. I have never had my gait analyzed either, I would probably be all wrong about what I think it is.

    I can't remember if I knew you were a nurse too, but I saw it in your side bar. I work in the operating room. Yay for running healthy fit nurses that set good examples for their patients!

    1. I hope they come to your area, too! :0)
      Yay running nurses!! That's awesome!

  4. Wow, I wish I had caught this while Brooks was in town for RnR NOLA. I've never had my gait analyzed but suspect I need to. There are local stores that will do it for you but it differs from your photos above. Good to know!

    1. I agree about the difference from local stores - when I had my gait analyzed the first time in a store, someone watched me walk across the room. With the Brooks gadget, they actually measured angles and the degree of pronation. Pretty neat!

    2. Hey Karen, I'm glad you liked the gait analysis system. My company designed the Cleargait app and the Groundeffect rolling iPad mount, and it's awesome to see it in the wild!

  5. Oh I'm so glad you went back and got that shirt girl!!! I've had my gait analyzed but not as fancy as how you did!

    1. Haha Thanks me too!! I was determined to get a tshirt! :0)


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