Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That…

I was flipping through pictures on my phone and realized that I had a REALLY fun weekend and needed to share. Besides the Brooks Cavalcade at the local running store and breakfast with my friends, I also had really fun times with my husband! :0)

On Saturday night, we decided to try out a local sushi bar. I’ve been before (with my friends at Christmas time), but Jason’s never been…no time like the present, right?


I had a Rock n Roll and a Disney Roll. I had to laugh because those were my two major races this year…and I might have ordered them on purpose, but that’s ok. I’m a nerd like that! :0)


My husband had a combination platter which included three different types of rolls: Rock n Roll, California Roll, and Shrimp Tempura.

Unfortunately, he was not as impressed by the sushi as I was.


…and he proceeded to play with his chopsticks. Can’t take him anywhere!


We did like how the decorative pieces were added to the plates! They made a ginger root slices into a rose and a leaf out of wasabi!

We also laughed because one of Jason’s Shrimp Tempura’s was growing a tree!


After sushi, we stopped by Marble Slab. We are usually a FroYo kind of couple, but a Marble Slab Cookies and Cream shake sounded SO good…we couldn’t pass up our opportunity!


On Sunday, my husband and dad took a class out of town and my mom had to work, so I was left to myself for church! After church, I stopped by McAlister's for lunch where I studied the script for our upcoming Easter Production. I play the part of a waitress which is odd for me because I’ve never been a waitress before…but I’ll get the hang of it!


Here’s our cast working on our production, “Life, Death, and Two Strips of Bacon”. Sounds interesting, right? It is, trust me!

I also started the process of weeding my flower beds. I began on Sunday afternoon and didn’t finish until Wednesday afternoon. In all, it took about 6 hours to complete the process. Ugh I hate weeds.

Here’s a shot before weeding:


It doesn’t look really bad in the pictures, but there were millions of really tiny green sprouts, along with clover. If I never seen clover again in my life, I will be just fine!

Stay tuned for the finished product, hopefully adding a few new additions! :0)

This week has been a super busy one!


I’ve had meetings all week and today doesn’t look any better! I hope I can tell if I’m coming or going! We’ll see if I make it out alive!


In other news, I received a few fun packages in the mail this week! We all know how much I love the Biggest Loser – well, I follow Courtney from Season 11 on Twitter and I won a giveaway she was hosting! I’m looking forward to trying out this DVD and the recipes look delicious!

I also noticed that my shoes were on closeout at Running Warehouse (you know, the ones that Mizuno stopped making and I’m super bummed about?) , so I ordered a pair even though I won’t need them for a long while! I couldn’t pass up the great deal!


I must have a million of these bags/decals because I get one every time I order a new pair of shoes! Love them!!

I think that about sums it up! :0) Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday! It’s almost the weekend! Yay!

Are you a Sushi fan? What’s your favorite roll?

Do you order new running shoes when they are on sale, even if you won’t need them for a while?


  1. That sushi looks good! My hubby isn't a fan of sushi either so I usually do sushi with friends. My favorite is a local place her in Daphne that makes the Daphne Roll...yum! And yes girl...I definitely order shoes before I need them! My beloved Asics are not being made anymore either and I have already ordered two pairs since I found out lol!

    1. Oh yum that sushi sounds good!! Good to know I'm not the only one that orders shoes ahead of time! Sorry they aren't making your shoes anymore... :0/ Bummer.

    2. Yum, I love sushi!!

      I actually have 2 pairs of Asics I bought in close out that I won't need for awhile.

  2. There's a great sushi place here that does $5 rolls on Monday...I need to go back! And no shame in ordering new shoes before you need them, especially if you like them! :)

    1. $5 rolls on Monday! That's my kind of sushi!! :0)

  3. Mmmm...I love sushi. The best is to go with a big group and order a bunch of things so you can try them all. Generally, I'm not a fan of rolls. I like just the sushi or even sashimi. I wish it wasn't so expensive.

    1. That's a great idea! Then everyone can taste test each others rolls! Thanks for the tip! We might have to do that next time!

  4. We love sushi. In fact it's whats for supper tonight. Looks like you have been busy. Thanks for the tip of Running Warehouse. I'm going to check it out now. Saving money on shoes is a big deal. What church do you go to? Hope learning your lines!

    1. Yum! Enjoy your dinner! Love Running Warehouse, especially their close our sales! Good luck!

  5. i am a sushi fanatic! my fav roll is the green dragon roll and one called the villa roll! delish!

    1. Hmm I like the sound of both! I'll have to look into those! Thanks!! :0)

  6. loved this entry! I actually make my own sushi. Being a vegetarian it's hard to find a friendly sushi to eat so I buy the sushi wraps and rice and than any vegetables I want to add in.

    1. Very cool! I love the idea of making your own sushi cause you know exactly what goes into it and there aren't any surprises!

  7. I'm a California roll girl when it comes to sushi. How fun to get not one but two packages in the mail this week! Glad you could stockpile your favorite running shoes and the Biggest Loser DVD should be fun to try! Enjoy!

    1. Yum California rolls are good too! Thanks!! I will definitely post a review once I try out the DVD!

  8. We stockpile shoes as well when we find a good deal. It is a good feeling to know that there are shoes waiting in the wings for when you need them.

  9. LOL jason. He kills me. No sushi for me but Bobby loves it!


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