Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Color Run Houston

One of the many fun times I had this past weekend was the Color Run 5K in Houston, Tx!


A group of friends and I ran the race together and had a great time while doing so!


We wore all white and our shirts said “Color Me…Awesome”! This was Kenzie’s first 5K and I was very excited to share in the experience with her!

Our hotel was less than a mile from the start line, so we decided to walk (instead of drive and pay to park). It was WINDY and COLD and none of us were prepared for either condition. Spring? What happened?


We made it to the festival area and encountered this….the line for packet pickup was super long, but it went surprisingly fast.


At check in, we were given a t-shirt, a sweat band, two tattoos, a bib number, and color for the end of the race.


No, Kayla is not slapping Mary in the face – she’s helping Mary put her tattoo on!

We also decided to store our bags in my Asics bag (my trusty running bag) instead of returning them to the hotel. I decided it wasn’t a huge deal to run 3 miles with a light backpack…so why not?

Once we were ready, we walked over to the start line and were greeted by this:


A sea of white! People were EVERYWHERE!


We gradually made our way into the starting corral. The Color Run directors are very smart…even though thousands of people run, and there are no corral assignments, they let runners go in waves. It took about 20 minutes for us to reach the front, but we were entertained the entire time – and we never felt crowded on the course which was a huge PLUS in my book!!

The first color stop was blue!


Yeah baby!


We’re blue what about you? 


After running through the blue station,we hit “that bridge”…the everlasting one right past Minute Maid Park! Since we were up in the air and there was nothing to block the wind, it was cold and yes, incredibly windy! We warmed up after a few, but it did take a little while!

Next up: PINK!


Love these two colors together! :0)


On our way back, we decided to be silly and have a little fun!


Cause jumping on random bridges anywhere else isn’t near as exciting!




Almost there!


Final color stop: Orange!


…and she rolled in it. Yes, that’s Kayla (my sister in law).


Are we colorful enough yet?


Nope! We still had the final process of The Color Run to go through…the Color Throw!

We counted down….


….and there was a blast of color explosion!


Not only was I bathed in orange, I also got hit directly in the eye. I was so scared my contact fell out (which meant I wouldn’t be able to drive home). Thankfully, no harm was done. Kayla even got a bottle of water for me to wipe my hands off just incase I needed to dig in my eye! Pleasant, right?


Official Color Runners!


We clean up pretty well, too!

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and had fun running this race with friends. Even though I was covered in color, it washed off very easy in the shower. I would run this race again if the opportunity arose in the future.

I made a video of clips I took during the race. Check it out below:

Fore more information or to see if a Color Run is headed to your town, check out The Color Run website and click on cities.


  1. cute! Glad yall had a good time! There have been 2 in NOLA but both at times I couldn't go!

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun! Hope you can make it next time it rolls through NOLA!

  2. A few girlfriends and I drove down to Louisville last summer to do one. We rolled around in the blue! :) What a great time!

    1. How funny! Yes, great times were had all around!! :0) Fun memories, for sure!

  3. Nice! I'm doing my first one with some friends in July. Looking forward to it... but going to need to pick up some white stuff at the Thrift Shop so I don't get my good running stuff dirty :)

    Did you bring a camera on the run? I'm worried about getting it ruined in trying to take pictures...

    1. Yes, I have an Olympus waterproof camera that I love! I used it during the race and it took great pictures!
      Our shirts/shorts/socks all came from
      Walmart! I think in total, my outfit cost $12.00.

  4. I love that you were able to experience this! Who knew that getting pelted with color would be so exciting :)

  5. Fun! I'm doing a Color Me Rad this summer, I can't wait. How hard was it to wash out of your hair?

    1. Exciting!! It wasn't near as bad as I expected to wash out! Came right off without any problems!

  6. looks like you all had a great time! The were here last fall, but I didn't participate. Was it hard to breathe running through that stuff?

    1. It did make me want to cough but no, it wasn't hard to breathe (surprised me). I was expecting the air to feel chalky like when you hit two chalkboard erasers together, but it wasn't!

  7. I'm not really a big fan of "fun runs" although I did Warrier Dash. Sounds like you had a great time. My sister in law is doing the Foam fest run here in June. It kind of looks like an obstacle run with foam.

    1. I'm with you - I've only run one other "fun run" besides this one...and I do have a mud run coming up, but I mostly prefer timed races. We discovered the foam run on our way home from Houston! Sounds like an interesting one for sure!

  8. How fun!! I love the sea of white at the beginning and the start with the colors streaming. I did the Color Run in Denver last year - so fun!! I used to live in Houston so it was neat seeing glimpses of downtown in your pictures.

    1. How cool! Love downton! Minute Maid Park is one of my favorite places to be during the summer!! :0)

  9. I want to do a color run. You made it look so fun.

    1. It WAS a ton of fun!! :0) I highly recommend it!


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