Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finale, Night Off, and a Winner!

Last night was my first night off in over a week. It was a much needed break and I enjoyed having a chance to sit back, relax, and watch the Biggest Loser Finale!


My friends and I always joke about what we ate while watching the Biggest Loser – last night, in honor of the finale, I had a turkey burger with homemade BBQ Sauce on a bed of Spinach and Brussels Sprouts. I might have thrown in a few Cadbury eggs for dessert. Whoops.

So, who watched with me? Sorry for the massive amount of tweets last night, but I was just too darn excited I couldn’t stand myself!


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Weren’t the kids absolutely the cutest? I think Bingo is adorable and I just love Lindsay and Sunny!

Everyone looked AMAZING and I was especially excited to see Lisa! Out of all the “sent home” contestants, Lisa was by far my favorite and I was rooting for her all the way! LOVED the moment her and Dolvett shared. He seems so real and so genuine. I just love it!

We were also able to see major transformations with the top 3, Jackson, Jeff and Danni! I teared up so many times last night, especially when Danni walked out and talked to Jillian…I lost it.

There were several quotes mentioned by contestants that I saved last night because I thought they were perfect and I wanted to share!

"It's better than the Harlem Shake" –Ali Sweeney

"The running part is awesome. Hard work does pay off!" -Lindsay

"All it takes is a step in the right direction and perseverance." - Sunny

"I know that NO ONE can take THIS away from me." –Danni

"I didn't know that my dreams were possible and I finally feel like my dreams came true!" -Danni

When Danni walked out on stage last night, I was at a loss for words. As a matter of fact, I tweeted this picture and several of you agreed with me!


My puppy dog doesn’t look very excited, but I sure was! Holy cow Danni looked incredible!


Source: Google Images

Pulling the win by one pound was insane. She did it! I was so excited for her!! Yay Danni!!

Did you watch the Biggest Loser Finale last night? What were your predictions? Did your favorite win?

The winner of my Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is Debbie G! Congrats!! I’ve sent an email to her and if I don’t hear back from her in 48 hours, I will pick another winner. Thanks to everyone who entered!! :0)


  1. Girl I LOVE the Biggest Loser! I was hoping Danni or Jeff would win. They both looked fabulous! And Lisa...WOW! My hubby couldn't even remember who she was until they showed her before. It's so incredible the transformations these contestants go through! Love it! Oh yeah...and I was tearing up throughout the entire thing...especially when they showed the kids!

    1. Same here! I didn't even recognize Lisa at first! Love Jeff! Wonder if him and Francie are still together?

  2. I watched too! It was awesome. This is always one of my favorite episodes (besides makeover week!) because its so cool to see the transformations! I'm so happy Danni won -- I've been rooting for her all season.

  3. I was also so excited that Danni won! Didn't she look gorgeous?

  4. I watched, I love Biggest Loser and wowzers, I didn't even recognize Danni. She looked gorgeous and I am so happy for her and all the others.

  5. Danni looked AWESOME. I knew she would look good but wasn't expecting her to weigh 2 pounds less than me!!!

    1. I agree! It's crazy when the contestants weigh less than I do! LOL

  6. I have been pulling for Danni since Day 1. I am so excited that she won, and she looks amazing! Although, Lisa looked pretty darn good herself... and, I hated it when they sent her home.


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